Casey Anthony Got Away With Murder

Let’s face it. She did.

There are posts all over my facebook newsfeed about how the jury should be shot, the jury sucked, blah blah blah, but I can’t even fault the jury. This is all on the prosecution. The criminal justice major in me is just shaking my head. They went balls to the wall in trying her on murder, when they should have played it safe with manslaughter. Or at least negligent homicide (or the Florida equivalent). Granted, neither one carries the death penalty, but I personally would have just liked to see her found guilty of it.

I am extremely disappointed that she wasn’t convicted on count three: Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child. Causing the death through culpable negligence. I think it was still a long shot without the evidence, but I was hoping.

However… if the state plays their cards right and finds new evidence, they can try her again. That’s not double jeopardy. And maybe try for just manslaughter, it might be more likely to get a conviction. There’s no question in my mind that the reason the jury found it hard to convict is because the death penalty was behind this.

Anyway, sadly, no, the state was not able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she killed Caylee. Oh, we all know she did it, we just can’t prove it. We can’t even say without a shred of uncertainty how she died. This is why we should have gone for the lesser charge.

She wasn’t even convicted of aggravated child abuse. I’m sorry, but not reporting your child missing within one hour, to me, is child abuse, and the fact that she didn’t do so for a month – come on.

She was, however, found guilty of four counts of lying to investigators. Four. FOUR! How about obstruction of justice the whole time. Are you serious right now? She told her parents that she didn’t have Caylee because the girl was with a nanny, who doesn’t exist; then that she and her daughter were spending time with a rich boyfriend, who doesn’t exist; and that the nanny had been hospitalized after an out-of-town traffic crash and that they were spending time with her. That’s already before even speaking to anyone important. The worst part is that each count only carries up to a year, and she could likely get time served. You’ve got to be joking on this.

“Defense attorneys argued that the little girl accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool, and that Anthony panicked and hid the body because of the traumatic effects of being sexually abused by her father.” I don’t even know where to go with this one. So being sexually abused makes you hide bodies of dead toddlers? Wha… How does… Huh? It doesn’t even make sense! Okay, so let me gets this right… being traumatized from sexual abuse at the hands of your father… makes you bury dead toddler bodies in the woods. Okay, got it. Moving on.

I’m surprised they even got this into the trial. Jose Baez (attorney for the defendant) tried to argue that Caylee  accidentally drowned in the pool, and Casey panicked. So her father, a former police officer, decided to make the death look like a murder by putting duct tape on the girl’s mouth and dumping the body in woods about a quarter-mile away.  Her father firmly denied both the cover up and the abuse claims. The prosecution called those claims “absurd,” saying that no one makes an accident look like a murder.

Good old Mom wanted to jump in, claiming that the crazy searches found on the computer were done by her, not Casey. Also, that she searched for chlorophyll, not cloroform, and that results for chloroform are what popped up. Well, that’s a valiant attempt at beind a protective parent, I love it, but these are real techie people that you’re up against. They can see what was typed into the search box. And your daughter spelled it wrong, searching for ‘chloraform’… and then there’s the “how to make chloroform” search. But no, Cindy Anthony claims she was googling chlorophyll to see if her dogs were lethargic from eating plants in the yard, and that the ruptured spleen and other internal injuries she was looking at were because a friend of hers had recently been in a car accident and suffered head and chest injuries, and she was, “looking up specific terminology that someone had asked me to look up.” The real clincher is when it was pointed out to her that she would have been at work, and she said she may have gone home early, as she had several times that week.

“Were you or weren’t you?” Burdick asked. “The only thing that triggers that day for me is those computer entries,” Cindy Anthony told the Orlando courtroom. “It was not a traumatic day for me like the last three years, so I can’t tell you what time I went home.”

So if it was just your average run-of-the-mill day of looking stuff up, why should the search trigger a memory? I look stuff up constantly, some of it over and over, because I don’t always get everything I need the first time around. I hope I’m never accused of anything because I’m sure my google searches will lead people to think I’m a total lunatic.   For the win? The searches were then deleted. What reason would you have to delete them if they’re being done innocently?

In closing arguments, Linda Drane Burdick (prosecution) had possibly the sweetest close I’ve ever heard. Slick. Understated. She showed the jury two photos. One of them was a picture of Casey partying it up during the first month that Caylee was allegedly with the nanny. The other was the tattoo she got just a day before law enforcement was made aware the girl was missing. Bella Vita. Italian for beautiful life.

“At the end of this case, all you have to ask yourself is whose life was better without Caylee?” Burdick asked. “This is your answer.”

With the exception that she unfortunately kind of missed the point of the trial, because again, we all know she did it or at the very least is responsible for it, this would have been beautiful. But that part isn’t even in question.

In the end, justice may or may not have been served for Casey. Do we know she’s guilty? Yeah. Did we prove it? No. Okay. Fair shake.  Justice for Caylee? Absolutely not. I hope this doesn’t end here.

It’s not like this evil woman is going to be able to do anything else with her life, so she has plently of time to just sit back and wait to be arrested again.


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