Casey Anthony’s Wonderful World of Make Believe

Zanny the Nanny. Working at Universal Studios. Staying with a boyfriend. Car accidents. Her lies were so intricate that she could describe when any of the players in her little production got haircuts, new cars, new apartments…

The list went on and on. Hey, if nothing else, Anthony can move on with her life as a fiction novelist. The worst part about this is that I can’t even make this stuff up myself.

Here’s what’s blowing my mind the most. It’s one thing to stick to your story. It’s another to take the cops to Universal Studios and actually lead them into a building, pretending that it’s your place of employment, until you reach a point where other legit employees are going to see you, and then finally admitting that you don’t work there. That in itself leads me to another question though… From where was this crazy bitch getting money?

And the nanny. Oh, poor Zenaida. She’s getting back though. Anothony will face a civil suit by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, aka Zanny the Nanny. That will be sweet. “If she’s deposed, she cannot plead the Fifth [Amendment], she would have to answer questions,” said Michelle Zierler of the New York School of Law. “It would be interesting.”  Gonzalez claims she can’t find work and was ostracized. She’s seeking seeking $15,000 in damages for “damages to her reputation, loss of job,  humiliation and distress” brought on by Anthony. I think she should seek a lot more, if she wasn’t able to work, then she should be suing for how much she would have earned by now.

I am just really looking forward to hearing that that skank has to say. She’ll have to allocute.

And then there’s this interesting tidbit I found while reading… “Zanny” is the “street name” for Xanax. So, was Casey giving Caylee Xanax as a way to keep her under control? Jesus Christ! It just keeps getting worse.

Also, Anthony claims Zanny once dated her (Anthony’s) ex-boyfriend. The clincher there is that she made up the boyfriend too. Jeff Hopkins was a supposedly pretty rich single dad, and had a mother who was sick with cancer. At one point, Anthony’s mother made a Christmas cake for a meeting with Jeff & his ill mother, and at the last minute the get together was cancelled.  Anthony even had an entry in her cell phone contacts with a caller ID photo of a man and a little boy. Turns out, there is a Jeff Hopkins… who knew Anthony in middle school but hasn’t seen her since.

Anthony made a friend while “working” at Universal, Juliette Lewis, who did a lot of volunteer work. Anthony and her mom joined her at one of her events, but after an hour an a half she never showed. Interesting.

With all of the above, one has to wonder how oblivious of a person Cindy Anthony really is. How do you never meet ANYONE that your daughter is friends with? My mother has met every one of my friends at least once. Okay, not every one, because some are in other states, but all the rest. If I set up meetings with one friend after another and they all got mysteriously cancelled at the last minute or the friend flaked all the time, Mom would start asking questions. Then we add  Gonzalez… Clearly the Anthony’s had a large hand in helping to raise Caylee, one would think they would have met the nanny at some point.

And then theres Caylee’s ‘father’. Eric Baker is his alleged name. He has supposedly since gotten married and had another child. One day Anthony called her mom and told her that Eric had died in a car crash. She had an obituary… but “lost it.” There is no Eric Baker associated with Anthony’s past, and Caylee’s father is still unknown.  I’m thinking every male in Florida better think long and hard about whether or not he ever banged Casey Anthony over seven years ago, and maybe bring his own lawsuit against her.

In following the timeline and the new boyfriend’s roommates, it just adds to the all the circumstanstial evidence, and drives me crazy. It’s just… it’s RIGHT THERE… Grr. A lot of people still want to blame the jury, but they struggled over what was there. They’ve admitted that the choice was difficult, and that coming up with the verdict was awful because of that evidence, so at least we know that, yes, on a common sense level, everyone found Anthony to be guilty.

Just waiting on that civil suit.


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