Hiding From the World: Casey Anthony’s “Witness Protection”

Words elude me. They really do. For words to elude me, there’s a huge problem.

I have decided, that Casey Anthony far – far – surpasses any of the OJ drama. Note, I don’t even have to say his last name, we all know who I’m talking about. His is another case, from a legal standpoint, there wasn’t enough evidence to convict. However, I firmly believe even the circumstantial evidence wasn’t enough in his case, as opposed to Casey’s shady ass.

However, OJ just kept on living his life, playing golf and searching for the killer (maybe it was one of those alligators), jacking people for his own memorabilia, and just being OJ muthafreakin’ Simpson.

This bitch, is taking her ass underground. It’s not the full-on witness protection program, as in, she won’t be guarded by the US Marshals, but it’s her own little version of it. Apparently she’s afraid of the vigilantes just waiting to knock her ass off. Oh, and in the meantime, she’s trying to appeal the lying convictions. APPEAL THEM ON WHAT GROUNDS? You took detectives right into Universal Studios, claiming you worked there, and then turned around and admitted to their faces that you didn’t. That’s called a lie. Hello lights.

Who really needs witness protection, or some kind of protective custody, are the lookalikes. While the victim in this story is claiming that the incident happening because of her resemblance to CA is bogus, the things the woman allegedly shouted at her sure make it sound like she thought she was CA. Basically, Sammay Blackwell, who does look a lot like CA, right down to the tip of her nose, says that Shireen Nalley stared her down at her store (presumably trying to determine if she was CA), then ran her car off the road later that night. “She said that I was trying to hurt babies, I was killing babies and she was going to stop it before it happened again,” said Blackwell.

Then there’s this poor guy. He’s a forty-three year old black man. But his name is Casey Anthony. He’s been bombarded on Facebook, estimating several hundred friend requests, messages, and posts, all targeted to the other Casey. “After the verdict that day, it went crazy.” Then he started getting phone calls. After being harassed by the first few calls from Florida area codes, he just stopped answering. The callers were ”making comments about the verdict, who am I to take a child’s life. And then I’m sitting back like excuse me, I’m not the Casey Anthony you think.”

She doesn’t get out until tomorrow, people! How can she be walking the streets and facebooking? Open season tomorrow, got for it, but chill till then.

So there you go Casey. You can go into hiding, essentially disappear from the planet, run and hide from your problems and the shitstorm you created. No problem, we’ll deal with the mess.




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