So Busy Worrying About Babies, They Forget the Mothers

A woman who asked her employer for a private place to pump her breast milk was fired. Was it discrimination? No, says the judge that she brought her case against. The termination notice cited job abandonment as the cause. Judge Lynn Hughes (male, despite the traditionally female name) states that, “She gave birth on December 11, 2008. After that day, she was no longer pregnant, and her pregnancy-related conditions had ended.” And therefore, once she returned back to work, so was no longer dealing with pregnancy related issues? So we all just spontaneously start lactating? Unfortunately for Donnicia Venters, she was fired before an amendment to a law was made requiring companies to provide break time and a private location to pump milk.

In the face of the never-ending birth control debate, one has to wonder, where is the focus here? What about the health consequences for both mother and baby if a woman can’t pump when she needs to? Republicans and pro-lifers want to push laws that would result in more babies being born, but then they don’t want to spend a single cent or make assistance available once that baby arrives. They care soooo much about the fetus – right up until it pops out as an actual tiny person.

The laws being pushed by the Anti-Choice Right have nothing to do with saving babies – it’s about controlling other people (women) and forcing them to conform to your moral beliefs. Not a single one of them is also saying, “Okay, you had this baby, and now you need financial assistance, here’s some money and programs to help you raise this child.”

Given the fact that many women are on birth control to prevent experiencing the financial hit that raising a child entails (and if anyone dares to say that the cost of birth control comes anywhere near the cost of raising a child, please be sure to include your location so I can come punch you in the face), this just seems ludicrous. It’s bad enough that we have a hard time just affording birth control, now we get saddled with a kid we really can’t afford.

Tafroxt, a commenter at Jezebel had sarcastic gem about Ms. Donnicia Venters: “Duh. She wasn’t following ALL the Woman Rules. When you have the baby, you’re supposed to STAY home, not try to work. That is what your husband is for. And if you didn’t have one, give that baby away to some “better qualified” couple that doesn’t have a working wife and suffer like the whore you are.”

And there we have it folks.


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