The Bad Girls Club: A Look Back

My reality TV of choice  is the Bad Girls Club. It’s easily my number one guilty pleasure, and I both love and hate the show. I hate it simply because it exists, and these girls just… just… Ugh. But I love it because I know that even on my trashiest day, I’m still a whole lotta notches above them.

I wish I could have been here to run commentary since the beginning, back in Season One when there was actually a show worth watching. The premise of the show was to incorporate the Bad Girl’s Guides (much like the Jenny McCarthy show of the same name). While there was Bad Girl memorabilia about the house, the sh0w was in no way about the guides, which dispense tongue-in-cheek advice and in no way advocated the bitchiness against other women, the way these hos do.

This will just be me, quickly opining on all the past seasons… stay tuned for my first rant about this new season.

Season One was the most realistic example of what happens when you shove seven women together with no way out. Hesistantly, they all felt each other out (figuratively, you pervs) formed little clicks, and while they may have been catty towards one another and got into really annoying arguments, there was no brawling. There was one weak-ass arm fling (‘punch’ is really giving it too much credit) by Aimee, I just don’t remember who it was at. I also can’t believe I remember her name. What I do remember about this season, was there was no one I really liked, but also no one I couldn’t stand. Aimee comes closest to liked, and I think it was Jodie, she was like a wannabe underwear model, that I didn’t particularly care for. One thing I do know, is that Kerry, the one that I kept wondering why she was there because she was like this little sprite thing who barely spoke and seemed like she could be the mother of any of the other girls, did become and actual country singer. How famous is she? I have no idea. Clearly not famous enough to be heard of by non-country fans, á là  Blake Shelton, etc.

Season Two. Tanisha. I don’t think I have to say more. I hated Tanisha initially with all that “Pop off! I’m from Brooklyn! Pop off son!” bullshit, but after the infamous  pot and pan alarm clock routine, I just couldn’t help it, she cracked me up and I was a fan. I love the involvement she has with other BGC stuff now, and I can’t wait to watch her upcoming wedding show.

Season Three.  The Amber Show. Oh, how I loathed the Ambers. Amber B was the snottiest thing ever, and Amber M – Cookie – was the dumbest thing to walk on two legs. And what is it with these broads always trying to rep their town? Whitney “Boston”  Collings (who was actually from a rich suburb of Boston and made all Bostonites cringe) couldn’t go half an hour without trying to threaten someone, her trash talk of choice being, “That’s how we do it in Boston!”  Please. Insert eyeroll here.

Season Four. Natalie “I run LA” Nunn. Just… wow. Loved it with Perez Hilton was like, “No, I run LA,” at the reunion. I was totally with Flo this entire season. She was a little aggressive and definitely came off like a bully the entire time, but it was because she had a a few years on all these girls and just wanted to talk some sense into them. Kate was easily the most insignificant cast member ever. Wait, no, Annie. Miss Puritan Annie Andersen. Even her name sounds bland. What I would have given to see that girl wasted…

Five: Miami.  Oh Morgan. How are you gonna come in the house thinking that just because you’re from there you know everything? I’m so glad you lost your shit within the first week. Attacked a producer? Love it.  The rest of the drama was a little unecessary, and it all seemed to stem from nowhere. This was easily the first cast where each and every personality conflicted with the other. The little cliques were so fluid from week to week. Cast member I loved? Either Lea (although my opinion of her went up and down) and maaaaybe Danielle. Danielle was the one who was a crack head and she shared that with the girls and then Brandi used it against her in a fight. From there, my opinion of Brandi went down, and I felt sorry for Danielle. Hated Cat and Kristen, the two barbies.

Season Six. Here’s where I admit that I liked Char. There was just something about her. While I think she was crazy for leaving a corporate job to do this nonsense, I also respected it. How many of you would just jump at something like that? Amazing. I also love that as the oldest in the house (every other girl was 21 or 22 to her 27) she ran the shit out of everyone. Hated Nikki, but she grew on me. Kori – waste of space. Why was she even there? Couldn’t believe how many people were sent packing, but so glad that oompa-loompa Jennifer was one of them. Go to Jersey Shore where you belong. This season was the loudest (at that time), and even had some local controversy. Residents nearby calls the cops on them multiple times about noise-levels, particularly at night. The man who owns the house that was used said that he will never allow a reality show production to rent the house ever again.

Season Seven: New Orleans. I’m still shaking my head over this one. Favorite: Tiarra. No contest. Possibly 2nd favorite: Angie. They both were just there to have fun, and even when they fought, they both just got over it and were back to partying together a few days later. Hilarious: production was banned from at least eight clubs due to the clubs “not wanting to be associated with the show’s bad image.”  Priscilla bugged me just with her voice, and I cannot believe how hard she went on Judi. And Judi… I just, I don’t even know. She was so funny. Tasha was like a combo of Morgan and the barbies from Miami, and Kori from the season before. Didn’t even do anything but kept wanting to talk about how much classier she was than the others. Oh, and the repping, “I’m Persian….”  Persian like what, like a big fluffy cat? No bitch, you’re Iranian, sit down and stop trying to make it sound more exotic.  I have a love hate-relationship with Stasi. Kept feeling like she was trying to be the next Tanisha or Char. Another season with the nonstop fights. I just don’t get it.


And that brings me to Season 8. Can Oxygen start a charm school for these broads?


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