Better Stock Up On Your Plan B Now

The Church is all up in arms about religious freedom. And yet, they consistently infringe their beliefs upon others. And cause precedents to be set that have nowhere to go but down.

Say you’re a pharmacist. Because you clearly have no knowledge of how reproduction actually works, you actually think that over-the-counter emergency contraception causes abortion. Despite the fact that no abortifacient would ever be dispensed at a pharmacy for some girl to take home, and is instead administered by a doctor, your stance on abortion is hell no, and therefore you refuse to carry Plan B or any other brand of EC.

Guess what? If you work in the state of Washington, you don’t have to!

The major concern here is – of course and as always – where does it end? Can the pharmacist refuse to fill regular, equally legal birth control?  Can he/she refuse to sell condoms to a gay couple?

Another issue at hand is – what if there is more than one pharmacist? My pharmacy, at any given time, has two full-fledged pharmacists on hand. I believe there are six in total. What if one of those people is opposed and the other five are not? Does that one person trump them all?

It’s religious discrimination, plain and simple. Your beliefs can not and should not ever prevent someone else from getting what they need. That is against my beliefs.


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