Who’s Moral Conviction Are We Talking About?

Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) has been making waves all over the place in this great birth control debate, and people better listen up. In an article submitted to the Boston Globe, the Massachusetts Democratic candidate for US Senate throws everything that the opponents of Obama’s health care revision are saying right back in their faces.

Senator Scott Brown wants to add am amendment that would allow any insurance company or provider to deny any type of health care coverage based on a their own morals. I repeat, health care of any kind.

What this means, is that it’s not just a woman’s issue anymore. It’s a human rights issue. This could amendment would just foster all kinds of abuse. Your company is run by a CEO who doesn’t believe mental illness is real? Well, kiss your bipolar medication coverage goodbye.  Your president lives at the gym, won’t eat anything if it’s not on the South Beach diet? I hope you never find out you have diabetes. She could deny that coverage on the belief that if you led a better lifestyle you wouldn’t be in that mess.

At the heart of the birth control debate, however, is such a blatant campaign against women that it’s impossible to pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s not a religious rights issue. It is not. Religious rights have been protected. End of discussion. Why is the fight still being waged?

Ms. Warren sums up everything neatly with this gem here:

Let’s be clear what this proposed law is not about: This is not about Catholic institutions or the rights of Catholics to follow their faith. President Obama has already made sure religious institutions will not be forced to cover contraception – at the same time that he has made sure women can get the health care they need directly from their health care insurers. Carol Keehan, the president and CEO of Catholic Health Association, said that Obama’s approach “protects the religious liberty and conscience rights of Catholic institutions.’’

I want to move to Massachusetts just so I can vote for her.

Seriously though, the problem now is that Catholic leaders can’t seem to shut up about religious rights, even though their rights are protected. Because they can’t stop talking and keeping themselves in the forefront, people are not hearing about this “moral conviction” clause. Listen up, because this one affects us all.


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