Bad Girls Club 8: Above & Beyond

I’m only ten minutes in, but I have decided that officially, the twins are crazy. Seriously, over a mattress? You threw Jenna‘s mattress in the pool. Now it’s Elease. She doesn’t deserve a mattress of her own? Erica and Gia are trying to be grown-ass women. Condiments? You just dicked yourself over, got no ketchup and mustard up in the house now to do up your damn burgers. Hope you like dry salad. Couldn’t even flat out call her a bitch either, had to go with lame-ass ‘biatch’ on the note?

Side note: Is Erica’s hair real or a bad weave? Because that shit looks crazier than mine in the morning, which then implies it’s real. But damn girl, brush it before you jump in the confessional.

Gia, you claim to be a bad girl since before there was a bad girls club (so since you were 15), yet you feel the need to get drunk to be in a frame of mind to impress a boy? Do you ever put clothes on? Poor DJ Matt, just had Gia cooter on the back on his neck. He doesn’t know what to do right now. Dude just wants to leave because she’s being psychotic and she proved just how crazy she was. Most awkward conversation ever, the girls all telling Matt goodbye.

Loving Dani talking about the other girls taking things “above and beyond what it needs to be.” Oh, so the destruction of a mattress that your roommates bought – with their own money – for a girl who did nothing to you is not above and beyond? Also, no, Gia was not Amy’s responsibility, but you’re a shitty friend if you don’t talk a girl out of getting drunk when a guy she likes is coming over.

Mad about the bikini contest? So you think you got more cheers? Elease looked better than you did, and let’s face it, the host had all the right for his choice to trump anyone else’s.

I can’t believe how much I can’t stand the twins already, versus how much I liked them at first. Mimi is the only one holding steady with me. This episode didn’t piss me off as much as previous ones have. And it felt like it ended on such a random note, but we should be happy it didn’t end with someone getting punched in the face.

What happened to the days when they girls had a job? We need to bring that back. Or is the problem that absolutely no one in town wants to work with them?


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