Bad Girls Club 8: Invasion of the Scavengers

Okay. Elease. I realize you’re going for the sympathy vote by telling all these dudes that you got jumped and been in three fights? It makes you look both weak (for getting jumped so much) and too much like a guy (for being in three fights). Don’t do it. And twinface? You’re really hating on Mimi for just having some fun and running around the yard naked? Shut up.

Loving watching these nuts go tubing! So much fun and I am so jealous.

What is the deal with Erica and “scavengers”? Girls are just trying to hang out at the club and dance with some dudes. They’re not trying to marry the bastards. It’s a party at the lake. These girls are just chillin with other people. THIS IS WHAT YOU DO! Dani/Gabi (they’re interchangeable to me) talking shit about how you’d never invite those people on your boat? Well, it’s not your boat, so who cares, also, then you’d be that snobby bitch at the lake.

Again, the girls are dancing with other girls at the bar because y’all aren’t doing anything with them. For real? You’re on goddamn vacation, have some damn fun. Erica, you look like a friggin troll, and you’re gonna talk shit about other people?

Am I the only person who went to that commercial break hoping that Mimi would stab everyone in that room? These girls trying to tell her to chill? Wow. These bitches. Ugh, I’m so tired of these dumb tricks thinking a “bad girl” is some dirty bitch. Yes, it’s hilarious that you broke something that someone loves.

For the record, this episode has dropped Erica from my respect radar. Mimi is still my favorite. Elease is next, then Amy and Gia. Erica and the psycho twins are at the bottom. Repeating, Mimi is so far the only one who has made it from start to finish. Gia and Erica only redeemed themselves a little bit with her, Gia with the confessional about how the twins need to step it up, and Erica going to Mimi and saying it wasn’t me. But only a little bit. After all, it was Erica’s idea to lock the other girls out of the hotel room.

Can’t wait to see this Mimi and Amy battle that it looks like we may see next week.

Official analysis: Erica and Gia are scared of the twins, because they’re a set. If you start with one, the other will automatically jump in, so they don’t want to be on their ‘bad side’.  However, piercy twin clearly has some deeply rooted insecurities, as she seems to be the one to talk the most about other people, in the house and not. I love how in private even the other twin is like, sister, you’re fucking stupid, shut the hell up. But then in front of other people, and they tag-team and gang up on people.


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