Bad Girls Club 8: Sister Act

It’s that time of the week again. That’s right, the crazy, classless broads of the Bad Girls Club. From the previews, it looks like Elease is finally about to shut the twins up, albeit with help from her sister. This girl here can’t wait to see how that turns out, so I’m settled in with the laptop and a drink to get through these next 45 minutes.

I just need to say up front, I have no idea who the hell Pleasure P is. So this should be interesting. I don’t know Flo Rida other than that one song, which is old as dirt.  Side notes, I’m getting tired of seeing so many clip-in weaves. Especially if you put them in every single day. Just commit and get a sew-in or something. Also, I need Gia to invest in some clothes.

Love how Gabi starts right off with “Oh, if Elease starts something just because her sister’s here, blah blah blah. I’m not scared.” Actually, I think you are if feel the need to bring this up. Not everyone is as immature as you are (though I’m sure there will be beefing anyway). Who’s this Rocko person you want to train like? Does he have a modern life?

Shneail. Not the way I was expecting that to be spelled. Chanel is the pronounciation. How does that work?

The twins dad reminds me a little bit of Nikki’s dad from a couple seasons ago. It was clear that her dad wanted Nikki to be a boy, thus all the egging her on to fight people in the house. But note, I said a little bit. At least when the twins call home, their dad is like, if you bitches don’t calm the fuck down, y’all gonna get your asses beat.

Laughing that they pretty much got cussed out from the people at the white party. Now, Dani was definitely on the mark talking about how white makes you look fat, but everyone else at the party will be worrying about how fat they look, so they won’t be looking at you.

Loving that that keep saying Flo Rider. Amy, who’s freaking out over a rapper?

Mimi. I love her. “One guy that I met…. Skateboarded for a living. How’m I gonna raise kids…. You skateboard for a living.  A living.” She’s gotta be the most adorable funny drunk. Why do people want to fuck with her? She was totally right about taking care of everyone else when they got drunk. Amy all in her face talking about lower your voice. Mimi wasn’t even yelling. She’s drunk and trying to sleep. Leave her alone.

More side notes: Who actually watches this Brooklyn show? Does every female in Brooklyn really sound like a man? This makes me depressed, that these man-like aggressive girls can get a man and I can’t.

Listen to these chics trying to downplay stars coming over. Are you serious? I don’t even like Flo Rida (or like I said, know who Pleasure P is) but if they came over to my house for a party, you bet your as I’d be making a big deal. Elease. STOP talking about getting jumped. But twins, stop running to Erica for help.  If you want to gang up on someone, do it. Don’t go crying to someone else.

Am I the only one who feels like Erica’s accent changes randomly? Still not a fan of the twins, but respect for Dani is increasing only slightly, because she stays psycho. Gabi keeps flip-flopping in her attitude toward things. Why do they all complain about ever single thing? You’re at a country bar, they’re not playing any hip-hop. Mimi is out on the dance floor, trying to have fun. This brings it back to last week, with Erica’s talk about scavengers when Mimi and Amy: people flock to people who are having fun and enjoying themselves (this reminds me of something my former bestie and her ex said about me once, but there’s more to it than just that one line. Maybe I’ll expound on that later).

These twins are so beoynd annoying. Whimpering about a tattoo. And then limping! LIMPING! She did not really just limp the fuck out of the studio. Oh my God. I have 10 tattoos in 6 different places; my ankle was nowhere near the most painful. Stop being a pussy, while you’re talking shit about everything else. Oh, and jealousy is not cute on you. Even I can admit Pleasure P is not ‘not good-looking at all’. He’s by no means the top of the list but he’s not ugly. He reminds me a little of Sean Patrick Thomas who you remember from Save the Last Dance. Justa little bit. It’s the shape of his face, and I think his smile.

Beeteedubs, I know Elease was in the background getting all butt hurt over the fact that ‘her man’ was pillow-fighting with the other girls.

They’re still complaining? If shit is boring, go out and do something. Every time I see you, you’re sleeping (together), eating (together) or playing on the computer (together). Get up and do something. Better yet, take this opportunity to create lives outside each other. Are you gonna stay joined at the hip your whole lives? What’s going to happen when one of you gets a job opportunity somewhere and the other one gets an opportunity somewhere else? Will you both turn it down because it means being apart?

Disappointed that I didn’t see a beatdown this week. Was really kind of hoping that Elease’s Amazonian sister would take out the twins singlehandedly. Very excited for next week. They go crying to the producers about it being four on two? What? You double teamed Elease for days on end. Matter of fact, it was 6 on 1 when she first arrived, did she go running to anyone else? You punk bitches.


Final analysis: The twins have identity issues. They also clearly don’t have any identities of their own. I know a lot of twins, and they all may have a bond that makes them seem like the same person sometimes, they also have their unique styles and personalities. You can’t even distinguish one of these from the other. They’re just going to hold each other back in their lives and end up resenting each other, and because they never bothered to make friends outside of each other, they’ll have no one else to turn to. Lawyered.


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