The Entire Week of Doonesbury Strips…

What I have decided to do, is give you the entire week’s worth of strips again, in a row… You know, the way they were posted in my local news, although not made available online. Also… at the end I will include some hilarity that I stumbled across today. That being said, enjoy:

In my opinion, any editor who was afraid “children would see this” is a part of the group of people who is uncomfortable discussing anything real with their kids. These are the same people who don’t want homosexual couples in their neighborhood because they don’t want to explain why Timmy has two daddies, and Heather has two mommies. That’s just obnoxious.

Anyway… onto something that may just cause you to giggle repeatedly… At the Houston Press, a few bloggers have offered their take on what other comics would look like if those who penned them had the balls that Trudeau did to take on some tough topics.


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