Bad Girls Club 8: Evil Pair

Oh God. Seriously. Right off the bat. How much you wanna bet this broad had her makeup in her hand the whole time? “I don’t confront anyone, I just plot and plot and plot.” Yes, because that’s what makes you a bad girl. Not having a a rational conversation with anyone, but just sitting there and plotting away.

Twin #1 or 2 – who really cares – bitching at Mimi to “yell at the person who did it.” Oh, how I loathe those girls. Mimi was yelling at the entire group, so obviously one of you is the “one who did it,” thus she was yelling at the one who did it. Aaaand, here we are again with the matchy-matchy outfits. Are you guys 3 or 23? Stop dressing alike. That shit is beyond obnoxious. They even pull their hair over one shoulder at the same time. Matching tank tops? As much as I don’t want any of the girls to go, I would love to see one of them just beat the living hell out of these duplicates. I would have choked them both – one on each hand – for coming home screaming like that. Freaking out about an X on their pictures? Compared to the shit they drew?

Side bar 1: Amy is starting to redeem herself from her psycho self the first couple days. I still think her reaction to getting puke on her jeans the first night was completely uncalled for, but I appreciate the way that she’s just up in here having a good time.

Side bar 2: I need to know if, when these girls (of all the seasons) meet guys later in life, the guys know about this shit. If I were a guy, I would definitely appreciate a woman who can stand up for herself, but if I saw my potential girlfriend acting this mess, I’d run like my life depended on it.

Karma’s a bitch? Clearly you dumb duplicates don’t know what karma is, because Mimi didn’t do anything to have have karma bite her in the ass on. I’m angry at her though. Why are you not using this opportunity to whoop the shit out of the twins? And Erica…Mexico will take you without a passport. The U.S. won’t let you back in without it. I’ll let that one slide thought, most people get that wrong. Mimi’s still going out as my favorite. I know girl had to get home though. These crazy bitches would have driven your cheer out of you. Fuck ‘em.

Whoa. WHOA. Confessional moment without looking like carbon copies.

Can’t wait to see how drunk Gia gets. You know that girl can’t handle it. The ta-tas are already out. Amy growing on me more and more. I think I could hang with her. She’d definitely bring entertainment to any gathering. There it is. Gia 80% naked.

Wait a minute. Copy #1 did not just whine about how it’s frustrating that it’s “always going to be them bringing us down.” So… that wasn’t you guys trying to bring Elease down the whole time? Now geniuses, that feeling you have, where someone is teamed up against you, that is karma.

Unrelated. Oxygen. You dare allow a Komen ad? Even if it only popped up on the screen for have a frame? Komen in all its pink glitz is as anti-woman as it gets, to allow itself to simply succumb to pressure from the Church.

Tweedledumbass and Tweedledipshit is really more like it. Don’t be afraid to say it.  Other idle thoughts, Gia is a really gorgeous girl. It’s too bad she can’t stay dressed or drink responsibly. The twins, on the other hand, are hideous. On Day One, I marveled at how pretty they were; they reminded me of Rosario Dawson. And we all know my intense girl crush on her. So for them to go from that level of beauty to become ugly… is a very big deal.

Love that Erica’s mom is pumping Erica up about delivering a double ass-beating… but had to spell out bitches. I couldn’t help but smile. I’m still not sure how I feel about Erica, I guess pretty neutral – still hate that red hair and her voice doesn’t match her somehow – but in comparison to the two replicas, I guess she’s okay. She’s really cute when she’s not screw-facing people.

Soooo…. having silly intoxicated fun at a bar is “going above and beyond to get attention?” What the hell is wrong with these girls? I can’t believe Amy just broke the ceiling lights in the limo. Are we about to see the psycho from the beginning?

Ohhhhhh, yes! Crying to the producers. Holy shit, I didn’t know the producers could do this shit! “You got a taste of your own medicine and now you can’t handle it?” I actually laughed out loud at that. A nice, mirthless, laugh. Clone #1 talking about how you can’t go back and change the past, you can just move forward and deal with what happened… and yet… you’re the ones trying to bail because shit’s getting tough, because of a situation that you created. Nice. That’s a bad girl move. Way to be grown-ups.

Oh my God. I just came a little bit. Am I really about to see a twin beatdown in just seven days? Oh my God, yes, please, more! Harder! YES!

Final Analysis:  This isn’t so much an analysis as a desire… when are the clones going to turn on each other? They have little moments of it (like the sand kicking incident – oh no, you’re on a beach and got sand kicked on your leg!) but nothing major. Can they please just break like a kit-kat and snap on each other?


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