I Consent to Inform

So… with all these shaming laws being pathetically drafted under the transparent cover of “informed consent”, one can’t help but laugh.

These estrogen-free individuals are so concerned about the potential health risks to you, ladies, should you choose to have an abortion, that they want – nay, they feel it is their duty – to make sure you have the whole story. Like, for instance, that abortion causes breast cancer and other scary lies. Misinformed consent, I say.

However…they then turn around and come up with legislation allowing doctors to lie to expectant mothers about any potential health risks that can arise with having a baby.

In short, they think it’s okay to frighten you with fictional death in order to force you to carry a child to term, and also okay to withhold a legitimate threat of death from you to force you to carry a child to term. These politicians need to confer with each other.

Make. Your damn minds. Up.

That’s all I have to say about all of this today. I just…. I can’t… no words.

Oh. I do want to toss a huge thank you John McCain’s way, for being the one to stand up and be like, Hey this is effing ridiculous, let’s talk about legitimately important things. Alas, I’ve found one male Republican politician that I’m at least 60% in agreement with on things.

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