Bad Girls Club 8: Double Trouble

I can’t tell you how badly I’m already waiting for the beatdown.  Fake ass bitches. “This is the bad girls club.” Which doesn’t mean being annoying. It means acting grown when you have a problem.

Here’s the shitty part. I, in no way, condone all these fights. But I would sanction the ass-whooping of these girls. I would have paid the other girls to beat them.

Now I know this psychic is fake. Dani is kind-hearted? Hahahahaha! Love how they think they’re targets. Targets of what? You targeted everyone else, who the hell targeted you? Hey, you know how you don’t talk behind anyone’s back… What exactly is it you think you’re doing now?

I can’t wait till the reunion.

Question. Why do these girls have these boyfriends have these weird dudes?

WTF. Dani & Gabi are such haters. Sooo…Erica wants to have kids in two years so she can’t be part of the bad girls club world now? Moms can’t be bad girls? Clearly you know nothing about being bad. There have been three girls that I can think of right off the top of my head that had children.

And here Gabi goes again, telling Dani to be mature. But then she’ll be the first to start something.

Erica. Forget that dude. He clearly doesn’t give a shit about you or your relationship. It shouldn’t matter where you are, that you chose to go out to Vegas. If he came to visit you, then he came to visit you, shouldn’t matter if it’s at home, in the bad girl house, at college, in jail. Not cool. Send his ass packing.

It was so nice to hear them talk to Mimi; she sounded so happy. A lot of people go on this show to learn something about themselves. A lot of people end up having their beliefs confirmed. Makes me think of Flo. Flo lost her mind because the girls in the house sucked so bad at life that she couldn’t just stand by and watch. That’s what happened to Mimi.

“I missed you, dirt.” Had to be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in this house.

Oh, the Hater Clones. Mimi is weak why? She chose to take herself out of a shitty situation… Your asses were crying to the producers. Sooo, how’s that work?

Haha, highlight of the house? What? You girls are funny.

Is it time now? Beatdown? Please. Who punked out now, Gabi. Begging Dani not to go upstairs or say anything.

This is beautiful. I love it. And you only got jumped by four girls, because Amy had nothing to do with it. Crying home to daddy. So, just like producers said, you dished it out, but couldn’t take it.

Is it bad that I backed it up like five times to watch the fight again? I know this makes mer no better than any of these broads, but it was so good. Gia went airborne as she threw that punch and tackled Dani.

A sign the the producers picked sides… Why didn’t Mimi, Elease, Gia, or Erica have to leave?

Security guards? I’m dying laughing. Bootleg phone? Wow. These chicks just hate on everything. Love how the “boring” bitches are the ones who go out and have the most fun? The ones who end up having the strangers wanting to come chill with them.

Not happy because you couldn’t keep your bully status? Sorry. Go home. Neither of you learned anything, and certainly didn’t conquer shit.

Love it.

On to the special with Tanisha. Parents need to be parents. Joining in talking shit. Are they serious? Dad really said he would have hit a bitch? What grown ass parents talk shit about their daughters roommates? I know they didn’t call Amy clap girl, when the cousin comes up in here clapping.

How is staying out of a fight sneaky? She’s not on either side. Why should she have to pick a side?

Who cares if you’re all Haitian, why should that make you and Mimi besties? You disrespected her a million times.

I will say this…when these girls aren’t mean mugging, they go back to being pretty again. Well, Gabi at least. Dani always looks psychotic.

Using the Twitter app is an attempt to get more followers? What is she talking about?

Nice to see they still haven’t figured out their own identities. Gabi clearly follows everything Dani does, probably because she’s scared of her.

Now they get to talk shit about the replacements? Tell me, what makes a bad girl, because you two don’t know. Christine will last, it’s that other girl who won’t.

Okay, so you’re gonna get another whooping at the reunion? I’m looking forward to it. I’m pretty sure even Tanisha thinks they gonna get it again.

See you next week!


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