Affordable Healthcare Act

So I don’t claim to know all the ins and outs of the ACA, or as everyone loves to call it “Obamacare.”  Part of the reason I turn to Jon Stewart for things like that, is he dumbs it down for me. I’m still considering adding him as a write-in on the presidential ballot.

Anyway… finally catching up on my Gawker reading, I was going through the comments, and of course, one individual in particular indicated that he does not want to pay for other people’s unhealthy lifestyle. Which makes sense, and I understand where they’re coming from, but there are a myriad of health issues that plague people regardless of lifestyle, so, they argument is irrelevant.

This is his exact quote: “Well their [sic] dumb, they don’t care about their own life or their future. They should bare the costs of their stupidity, not society. If it is a chronic or acute diseases and don’t have insurance…. accept your fate instead of driving up the costs of care for the rest of us.”

Really? Really sir? It’s stupidity that gives me chronic sinus infections, strep throat, and uvulitis? I brought that upon myself, so I should just sit back and wait until my uvula blocks my airway, devoiding me of oxygen, until I just die? I should let my sinus infection get to a point where it causes bronchitis, and then allow my lungs to fill with phlegm, and again, die by drowning in my own snot?

How about the lung cancer that my friend’s mother has battled not once, twice, but three times? Do you know how many people in her family, including herself, are smokers? None. Not a single person has ever picked up a cigaratte, yet she was stricken with some mean and angry cancer of the lungs. But it’s her fault, right, so instead of seeking treatment, she should have just accepted her fate?

We already support people who can’t afford or don’t have access to health insurance (hello medicaid, medicare, etc) so what is the problem here? If everyone has to pay into a universal health care system… your individual cost actually goes down. Not sure why people seem to be having issues with that.



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