The New Ambrosia

Okay guys, we have found a new home. I am so so so so so sorry for all of the movement, all of the changes, all of the double posts in the twitter feed, all of that. But now, this is the official new home of the now-defunct Crazy Ass World.

I spent about one third of the day accessing old caches and recovering all of the articles, updating all the media; Day Glo Psycho will be back on board with us soon; I’ve reached out to some new contributors, and we’re going to start powering forward again. I do not know if CAW will be joining us.

I know that we’ve lost a bunch of followers, the ones who had subscribed via email to the Crazy Ass World blog, so hopefully they’ll find us again. In the meantime, we welcome anyone else who wants to follow along!


About Melissa Limasse

| Real name - Yeah right | Location – The State of Being | Worth - $2,425,486 | Education – B.A. Sociology and Psychology, A.As. in Criminal Justice | Single, childless, and completely satisfied with both, Ms. Limasse doesn’t fit into the traditional “female” mold. Most people would say she’s intimidating. Anything that she says here she has most likely already said out loud View all posts by Melissa Limasse

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