When You Can’t Help But Laugh At Stupidity

Sometimes, stupid people make you want to facepalm all day long. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh, because they’re just that idiotic.

Today, on two – two – separate occasions, my vehicle was almost struck by people who were clearly in the wrong, but it was I who received the honking and the cursing.

One was a woman driving down the wrong side of a parking lot driveway (there is a clear fauna-filled divider and exit & entrance signs) who almost hit me head on as I pulled into the driveway. The second was less than an hour later, some young punk flying diagonally across the same parking lot, failing to look and see me coasting in the appropriate driving lane, and almost hitting the side of my car.

But the most entertainment today, is finding out that an entire site was taken down with no warning, due to the fact that a Florida resident couldn’t handle her neighbor talking about her. So she caused enough drama for the neighbor, that said neighbor chose to take her site offline. And thus, a year’s worth of my work went along with it. And so, those of you who follow me on Twitter are getting a shit-ton of updates of repeated posts, as I was able to pull my posts through Google (love cached stuff) and re-post them here, at my new home.


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