I Hate Shampoo.

Random, I know, but welcome to my suffering.

I visited my mom’s house last night, and my sister wanted to play with my hair. Figuring I’d kill two birds with one stone, I said ‘sure, as long as you let me wash it first, you can straighten it and then do whatever else.’ Off I go to the washroom, where I look at my choices for hair product. Exhibit A: Dollar store shampoo/conditioner combo, and Exhibit B: A shampoo and a conditioner formerly known for some rather… sexual… commercials. (“Oh, Yes! Yes! YESSSSS!”)

I chose B. I chose to be in this pain.

Thing is, no matter how well I rinse it, option B ALWAYS leaves my later-completely-dry-scalp in this weird itch/burn limbo, and I should have known better. I’ll be suffering until I can get home and wash it properly. I guess I’ll never learn.

Speaking of being burned, I tried to buy Garth Brooks tickets the other day. I know there aren’t many people who will openly admit to being a country music fan, but I will, and I was disappointed to find out that they were sold out in 58 seconds. My husband didn’t know I was buying them, but after I told him about it later in the day, he was somewhat upset about it. I think he underestimated how popular Mr. Brooks is, because he told me later he was going to try and get me tickets but he was going to wait until he got home from work… I’m not too torn up about it, though. I have hopes. (I once seen Santana, and despite tickets for his concert being sold out, still managed to be in a VIP booth with a ticket handed to me 6 hours before the concert… I’m holding out for a miracle, clearly.)


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