Bad Girls Club 8: Breakup Breakdown & Go Big Go Home

Okay, I know I took some time off so I’m back. First order of business, total lack of gaydar that these girls were hitting on the cleaning guys.

Mimi’s breakdown makes me sad. It’s legit though. Elease getting beat up on her first night (while I thought that was annoying too) was pretty weak, and it was done only because they felt Elease could take it. Christine got a beat down while she was in the van. And it was pretty hard core. Not only that, but she and Camilla came in together, and Camilla flipped her script so fast.

Elease has become the irrelevant girl in the house, the way Tasha & Kori were in past seasons. Not doing anything, not contributing, just kind of taking up space. Same with Gia, seems like the only thing she ever does is get wasted, like that’s her entire personality, the drunk girl.

Amy… Every time I start to like her, she reminds me of a bunch of things that irk me when it comes to other girls. Freaking out over some girl liking all her boyfriend’s Facebook statuses and pics? Yes, because he has control over what someone else says or likes on his Facebook page.

Then the shower freakout? Can’t decide which of these two is crazier. Amy asks Camilla to hand her a towel, and Camilla is too good to do that? Just because she had to step out of the shower to get her towel, she can’t do a girl a solid and hand her a towel? But Amy can’t just suck it up and get out and grab her own towel?

I just realized that the confessional is right next to the kitchen, and you can see in from the side, so you can stand at the counter and see what’s happening inside the confessional.

Please tell me that Amy is never going to wear her hair down again because she has no weave.

Undecided how I feel about the group hostility to Camilla. I mean, she’s on my nerves for sure, but is this based on something real or is it just the “replacement bitch” thing.

Snatching Mimi’s hair out of her head? Damn, Judi flashback.

This finale seems to have snuck up on me. Think there was just so much craziness happening that the season flew by. Either that or the seasons are legitimately shorter.

Camilla sounds crazy out there in the pool talking to herself. You know you have nothing to say about someone when ‘whack’ is the best you can come up with, using it over and over. No one befriended you because they saw on day two how fake you were. You were the first one to throw the rush on Christine.

Now I want to go on a dune buggy.

I’m pretty excited to see Erica perform. The last time anything like this really happened was season one, when that girl met a country producer. She apparently went on to have an actual career as a county artist.

I love how in the last few days, everyone is all bestie-bestie. Granted, none of these remaining girls hate each other, so…

You can’t just take the ‘whatever’ sign and make it ‘whack.’ I also agree with the other girls about bringing your mom and aunt in the house. It’s like Dani & Gabi’s parents. What parent encourages their grown-ass daughter to fight someone?

Camilla is definitely an idiot. Razzing the girls because they didn’t mess with her family? Really? That’s called respect. They don’t know your family, just like your family doesn’t know them: yet they wrote all over the girls’ pictures.

Erica’s stage fright is actually kind of endearing. Shows that she’s hard on herself and isn’t full of herself. She’s been slowly redeeming herself lately, but I think this put her to the top.

Mimi nailed it “we didn’t show out when your company was here.” Boom. Camilla is really trying hard as hell to get attention.

Sidebar: Amy bugging out that some girl is liking stuff all her boyfriend’s Facebook, yet she’s snuggling on the bed with this Sasha guy. I mean, he was cute, I would hit it, but I don’t have a boyfriend that I’m worried about.

Okay, as I’ve said before, all the fighting annoys me, but I love the way these chicks got dressed like guerillas.

Crying to your mom that they jumped you in your sleep? You knocked Mimi down with a hit to her temple as she was picking stuff up. You did go out like a punk, sorry. Mom talking shit in the background over the phone. Ghetto. Seriously. Again, like the twins’ parents. What parent does that?

Random physical issue: Elease’s ass blows my mind. It’s just like pa-pow.

Oh, Amy (insert laugh here). Naked time. Hey, I approve. I support being being naked. Love that the limo driver showed up. “Just gotta put some clothes on!” Love it.

Final analysis: Not even an analysis. I just can’t wait till next week and the reunion. Is that dissention between the twins that I see in the preview? Finally!


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