Bad Girls Club 8: Reunion Part 1

Okay everyone. It’s about that time. You know what time I mean. Time for our favorite crazy broads to get together. In one place. Again. Get your popcorn, because I’m actually doing this live for the first time all season.

First off, I’m very happy to see Tanisha hosting. To be honest, I’m happy to see Tanisha so involved with Oxygen, for instance Love Games and her wedding show. This woman has a huge personality, and her lifelong career needs to be in TV. She needs a talk show, like Wendy Williams.

So, everyone looks good. I love Mimi’s hair the way it is. I mean, I absolutely love it; she looks amazing and much more grown-up. Not that she looked like a child before, but she is completely gorgeous right now. I like Erica’s hair more styled with the curls, it looked weird when she had it straight. I’m surprised she would let those dark roots show, but that makes me want to see her natural haircolor even more. I bet it looks amazing. Ams I the only one who thinks Gia is coked out right now? Love how she’s technically dressed, but she’s still her own classic naked.

Oh, Camilla. Just… just don’t. I like her hair though, ha. But… really? She has no beef with anyone, yet the very first thing she did was come in and fling weaves, and then takes a swing at Elease. But no beef.

Sidenote: Preview of Tanisha Gets Married – Tanisha bugging out over getting puke in her hair is almost as fantastic as her famous frying pan wake up call. Oh how I miss that.

Christine’s earrings are way too big and I don’t like them. Also, I think that what her departure comes down to is that she came to the house, saw that shit was not actually about being a bad-girl, but being a bad, girl, and said, Peace out. I think she should have stuck it out, but at the same time I don’t blame her. I’m glad that she and Camilla get to meet the twins, even though I know Christine would have gotten wrecked if she was in the house with them for more than ten minutes.

Showing up with a cup of syrup to throw at somebody. Oh my goodness (“Where are the pancakes?” – Tanisha), some people just do not grow up. Like Gia. Fighting with the audience. But then again, sometimes I feel like the audience members are trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame. Yeah, I sit here and talk shit (almost) every week about and to these girls, but do I know if any of them even see this? I doubt they do, and frankly, I don’t care. But to go to the taping, and then heckle from the audience? I mean, Gia has a point, if you wanna be in the BGC, go to the auditions, but by the same token, Gia, just shut up. Even Erica tried to settled things, and then you resort to spitting? Christ.

Did Gia and that audience member get in a fight, or was she just wrestling around with the security guy? Also, did Camilla kick Elease in the neck? Now, this next sentence will need to be prefaced by the statement that I’m not saying I wish Elease would have died, but, how awesome would it be for Camilla to end up in jail? One of any one of the chicks in any of these seasons needs to be punished. Even the twin beatdown. As much I was waiting for that all season, as much as I drooled over it, if that had taken place between six people out on the street, the four of them would most likely be on trial.

Oh, the twins. They’re still interchangeable. And they don’t know math. Either that or they truly believe they’re one person. “But that was different because we were two on one; with you it was four on one.” Um, no, actually it was four on two. And if we simplify that into the lowest terms (hello third grade math), that makes it two on one, and therefore exactly equal to the two of you stalking Elease.

YES! I get to see the beatdown again. Aaaand glad to see Dani is still delusional.

And then to question how Erica could claim to come from hurt and pain and then jump someone: um, hello. That’s why.

Oh, OH! I’m never going to make it to next week. Can’t wait to see the line get drawn between the twins. It’s going to be glorious. Did I , or did I not, predict that it would happen someday?



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