Bad Girls Club 8: Reunion Part 2

And we’re back. Before I even start, of course, you know the number one thing I’m waiting for is the Gabi-Dani split. I truly can’t wait to see the two of them be completely straightforward and honest with each other. It’s going to be so wonderful. I hope – hope hope hope – that it’s not going to be one of those things were the stuff we saw in the previews is literally the only thing that actually happens, that it’s not just a simple 30-second heated word exchange between the two of them.

That being said, this will be short and sweet. I just want to take a few moments to talk about how my initial opinions of any of the girls changed or stayed constant.


Amy:  At beginnning of the season, this girl really scared me. I thought this would be the first season someone would get killed right after she woke up to find this one sitting over her. But she grew on me, and I like her a lot. I could definitely see myself hanging out with her. I enjoyed her neutrality all season, and even when she picked her battles, it was over the right things.

Gabi: They’re not being lumped together anymore! Gabi finally showed she had a backbone! I might cry. It took her twenty-some years, but she did it. All season long, she was trying to reign Dani in, and she finally stood up to her! I feel bad for her, actually, I think she was Dani’s follower because she was terrified of her. When Dani was yelling at Erica, the look on Gabi’s face as she’s trying to hold her back says it all: pure terror. After Dani stormed off, Gabi should have just let her go. She should have just let her deal with her shit backstage on her own. But she said, “We’re going to be doing our own things.” Good. Do it. Grow away from your sister

Dani: Now I know for sure that she’s the twin I don’t like! That feels good. This girl needs some serious work. Lock her in a room with Camilla’s crazy ass. These co-dependent chicks. Dani can be psycho because she knows Gabi will always have her back. That’s why she’s freaking out, because if Gabi has other friends, then she’s not dependent on her. Not giving a fuck about any of the other girls. That’s the shit I’m talking about. You didn’t learn a damn thing. Grow up.

Mimi: Still my favorite. She came here to have some fun, she did. She had a mini breakdown, but then she said, fuck it, let’s just live. I don’t even have much else to say about her other than just that: Still my favorite. If there’s one girl in that house that I would love to meet and hang out with, it’s Mimi.

Erica: Hmm. I don’t particularly love her, but I definitely don’t dislike her. Like Tanisha said, there’s good in her, like when she said, okay we’re done messing with Elease, let’s get her a new mattress. I agree, that’s her number one redeeming moment. At first, I had her pegged as someone I would end up hating, but coming through that, she was all good in my book.

Gia: Ugh. I was back and forth on her pretty much all season. I’m not sure if that was the real Gia or if this reunion broad is the real Gia, but anyone who feels the need to come that hard on everybody – your roommates and even the audience –  is not only a total bitch, but probably trying to compensate for something. Mad that you got judged for walking in the house in your drawers. Not much else I can say about that. She’s being so fake right now.

Elease: It took me awhile, but she’s another one who grew on me. Not a favorite or anything, but I don’t hate her. I like her enough, and she’s entertaining. She’s not a fake as I thought she was

Jenna: Still glad she was gone.  That being said, who the fuck leaves running a shelter to come to the bad girls house? Good luck trying to find more work as a social worker after that. And don’t lie about your nose job. There used to be a bump on the bridge, now there isn’t. Makeup can contour, but not make it disappear.

Christine: I really wish she would have stayed.  I think she would have made a nice addition, would have kept everyone level-headed.

Camilla: If this chick puts up a backwards LA sign one more time. Clearly you don’t know how to read. I have nothing else to say about her. My biggest pet peeve when it comes to her is that she came in at the end and yet tried to run stuff. I’m sorry, you didn’t beat Elease’s ass at all, let alone three times.


As far as my opinions changing from episode one to the reunion, Amy is the only one who underwent a total transition in my mind. Gabi too, technically, although I was waiting for this split all season long, and I knew Dani was the ringleader in all that. Usually I have three people or more that change completely for me.

Can we get back to a time when the girls had a job to do the way the did in the first few seasons? At least they had a purpose in life, with less obnoxiousness and fighting. Unless, of course, that’s the point, which it is. *Sigh*

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