It’s like this woman took these thoughts out of my head:

The Messy Middle

PLEASE see the updated version of this post at  An open letter to pastors {a non-mom speaks on Mother’s Day} at The Messy Middle. This one is closed for comments, but that one is open and I’d love to hear from you.

It also includes resources for pastors and a chance to sign up for my quarterly newsletter. Please do not subscribe on this page but at The Messy Middle. I didn’t realize this page was still active 🙂 … but with over 40,000 hits today, I’m glad to be wrong!

I’ve also written 10 ideas for pastor’s on Mother’s Day and you can get The Wide Spectrum on Mothering in PDF.

Thanks for stopping by. Amy


Dear Pastor,

Tone can be tricky in writing. Picture me popping my head in your office door, smiling and asking if we could talk for five minutes. I’m…

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