The Hoax of Warrior Eli

This is something I have been following today. I’m still a little too busy being amazed at all of it to really be disgusted yet:

Warrior Eli: A Hoax?

It’s “unofficially” determined at this point to be the work of one woman (You’ll understand why in the recent post that’s titled, “Yes, Warrior Eli is a Hoax”), and I’m almost impressed by her. Based on old Xanga sites, old “band” bios, at least 75 facebook profiles, among other things, it looks as though this is something this girl has been working on for close to a decade. She used pictures found on flickr, and used many photos of a particular blogger’s family. “Eli”, the one the entire scam is focused around, seems to change daily (including one that I found, where there are two distinctly different boys being used to show “Eli” on the same day – which I will link later).

I’m going to go on record and state that when I was about 14, I had a “fake” AOL profile, and when I say fake, I mean that my info said I was 19, the picture that I shared and used was of Bianca Lawson (then Save the Last Dance came out and blew that) and claimed to be in college. That was about all I could handle as far as making stuff up. THIS story? Insane.

I personally didn’t know anything about this “family” until today, but from the links other people are sharing, I can’t believe no one called bullshit on this sooner. Particularly when it comes to the life story of the supposed “father.” Per everything I’ve just read on Munchausen by Internet, one of the biggest tells is that their life seems way too dramatic. And for this guy, that’s about spot on: He was 17 when he knocked up his 14 year old girlfriend, they were living together, she had the kid, then left one day with a note saying she wanted to go to focus on school. His twin brother is gay, and asks him to sleep with his girlfriend for him because he can’t do it. The girlfriend finds out, and ends up murdering the brother – with 74 stab wounds. Somehow, this guy adopts a two week old baby girl. Because, you know, 18 year old guys can just do that. Meets some other girl, gets with her, has a kid, gets pregnant again, finds out she’s married, but he gets custody of the kid. Meets new girl, they have more kids, at one point she’s pregnant with quads, two of them are lost along the pregnancy, so they have twins. Then they have another child who, at the age of 6, has battled cancer 4 times. She’s has another one. Then pregnant again, gets into accident just before mother’s day, 35 weeks pregnant, in critical condition, has the baby and dies on mother’s day. Sounds like a soap opera, right? Exactly, except that even in soap operas this would never all happen to one person.

Whoever this woman is, she should have used her talents for good and taken her shit to Hollywood.



So the owner of the blog, has spoken to the girl responsible for everything. Emily has been concocting this story since she was eleven years old, for over ten years. She offered a limp apology.

A lot of people find it hard to believe that an eleven year old could come up with a multitude of profiles, keep everything straight, and know about medical info. But keep in mind, when she was eleven, twelve, her fake profiles were all about JS and the twin brother. Sick kids didn’t come into the picture until the last five years or so.

People are calling for blood and legal action. Also stating that she’s mentally ill. I don’t think so. But here’s the real kicker: As much as what the girl has done is a bit disturbing, she hasn’t actually committed any crime. She did not actually usurp anyone’s identity, merely made up people and used pictures that are found online – where there is no ‘reasonable expectation of privacy.’ She had no personal financial gain, did not defraud people for personal benefit. At most, this girl could potentially be fined for taking copyrighted pictures, and it seems as though only a handful of those are even copyrighted. She indicated she’d be taking all the fake profiles down, but she hasn’t – that’s certainly a red flag. I checked some of the more ‘obscure,’ pages that she had, like a xanga blog, and saw that she has taken that down, so we’ll see.

What it all comes down to, is that all 75 fake profiles should get reported to Facebook (I did a few from my phone earlier today, but then my nephew stole it to play a game) so that they are forcibly taken down. That’s a definite. Legal action I think should be left up to the people who’s photos were taken, or who were duped into giving money. But that’s just me. This girl craves attention, obviously, and while I’m just as guilty of checking this site every hour for more gossip, I feel like we should stop giving it to her. Everything should be behind the scenes. The owner of the blog has a ton of information; I say turn it over and let it be handled.

Either way, again, a good cause was funded, so I’m choosing to see the good here.


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2 responses to “The Hoax of Warrior Eli

  • Jasmine Marie Davis

    this is the crazy… because I am a real mom with a real seven year old son battling brain cancer medulloblastoma..I am just in shock this chic is just sick ….

  • Melissa Limasse

    I’m so sorry to hear that; I’m actually somewhat familiar with that one.
    It’s all… Baffling. I seriously want to make a case study of her. I have a hard enough time keeping up to date with this site, my own Facebook, and real life. She’s got at least 75 profiles on Facebook, and the number keeps growing. I’d love to know when each and every one was created, see how it started.

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