Les Artiste du Cafe

A friend of mine, who is never found wanting when it comes to the social skewer, and probably deserves his own talk show, chronicles the dramatic and harried experience of obtaining coffee in the morning:
Like most, I enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Sometimes for reasons of time constraint or other circumstances, I’m unable to enjoy the convenience of the local drive-thru coffee joint. I make a quick stop at a serve-your-own sorta place like a (in)convenience store. Seems like every time I do, I’m invariably stuck behind what I call a COFFEE ARTIST. When I’m feelin’ fancy I refer to them as LES ARTISTE DU CAFE. These are the people that must make their coffee just-freakin-right. They add stuff to the coffee…then they stir the coffee vigorously…then they taste the coffee…then they ponder the coffee…then they add more stuff to the coffee…then they stir the coffee…then taste the coffee…then smell the coffee…then they add MORE coffee…until it’s just-freakin-right. These connoisseurs fail to notice the grumbling line of people behind them who just need a splash of cream and go. LES ARTISTE DU CAFE also fail to realize that they are gettin’ all fancy with coffee from a GAS STATION. It is barely one step above what was issued to D-Day landing forces. Hint…if you are meditating above a fine cup of two hour old Sunoco brew, no amount of the little cups of flavored International Coffee Creamer is gonna make it better. You are not being exotic or creative. You are being inconsiderate and dumb. Juan Valdez is rolling his eyes at you.

Now… If only I can talk him into being a regular contributor to the site…


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