Mental Illness & Disorders: People Are Blind

Sometimes the power of Facebook astounds me. When you can say something about society, and then watch the ensuing comments illustrate exactly what was said, is just beautiful:

And may I repeat: Awful.


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4 responses to “Mental Illness & Disorders: People Are Blind

  • Sarah Garvey

    It’s really disturbing at times. I was reading an article today about a British MP who “came out” as suffering from depression and the reaction was largely negative. People saying he should step down, “get over it”, etc. Imagine their surprise when someone mentioned Churchill’s severe depression and alcoholism. That gets glossed over.

    I hope your exchange at least got your friend *thinking* about the subject, albeit in a skewed way.

  • dayglopsycho

    Gross. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but since when was Down’s Syndrom a mental illness. I’m all for a good debate, but I at least like to have some factual base before I begin!

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