Here we go again. The pro-life, pro-choice battle that never ends.

This photo has been blowing up my Facebook all week long. The captions read: “I have a really awesome life…there’s no prenatal test to predict that.” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Look, I am so glad this child has an amazing life. Their parents made a conscious choice to have a child, a child with Down’s Syndrome. Whether or not they had prenatal tests done to determine this is really of no matter to me. They clearly have the resources to take good care of their child. This child deserves an awesome life. But parents have a right to learn if their child will have special needs. They deserve every opportunity to learn about what challenges they will face in order to make an informed choice on whether or not they have the ability to care for their child physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. This is the ULTIMATE prenatal test: The ability to make this choice, clearly, confidently, and in their individual or family’s best interest.


6 responses to “Here we go again. The pro-life, pro-choice battle that never ends.

  • Carolina Courtland

    There is another thing to consider and that is the quality of the life of the child who is going to be born disabled.

    While some Down’s children are mildly affected, and could lead a decent life, others are extremely disabled and have multiple health issues which require surgeries. Down’s isn’t just mental retardation. It’s a whole host of physical and mental challenges.

    Severely affected children, whether from Down’s or another syndrome or congenital defect, often have to be cared for in institutions, This is not a life. It’s an existence.

  • Emily

    The thing is…you have NO IDEA what kind of life any baby will have when they are in the womb. Down syndrome, cp, spina bifida, ADHD, insominia, far sighted, short, etc. It seems unfair to kill a baby before they are born. Shouldn’t EVERY child have the chance to at least…try?

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