Bad Girls Club 9: Mexico

It’s that time again, everyone! That’s right, we’re back for more BGC! This time the show is actually leaving the country and going to Mexico, which makes me wonder if there were any issues. Do you need a visa to stay in Mexico for three months? Or were things like that waived because it was a TV show? Let’s take a quick look at the group that’s thrown together this season.

In a new format, I’ll just go over their bios directly from Oxygen’s website, then my own impressions of the bios and what I’ve gathered from promos, then follow up with my reaction to their initial introductions.

Ashley; 21; Bartlett, IL
Ashley proudly proclaims to be “a white Snooki girl” and embraces her eccentric and quirky reputation. Despite having a rocky relationship with her mom and sister, Ashley is fiercely loyal to her dad and considers herself a daddy’s girl. A server at a tavern, Ashley is known for her outlandish behavior, complete lack of filter, and party girl antics.
Yeah… ‘white Snooki girl’ is all I needed to hear. Let’s see how this goes.
– I kind of like the fact that she straight-up said that she’s not classy. So far nothing un-classy about her; she just seems fun. Loved her bouncing around in a tutu with granny panties. She and Mehgan are going to clash, I can see this. I don’t think this friendship she’s formed with Christina will last past a few weeks, but I can see her being paired up with Erika by the end. It’s weird, because Ashley sounds like she’s from Jersey.
Feelings:  I like her.

Christina; 21; Jersey City, NJ
Fiery, outspoken, and Puerto Rican, this bad girl is in her prime when it comes to boys, girls, parties, and drama. Christina likes to tempt boys as a “hobby” and loves the idea of a challenge. Tired of trying to mold herself into a good girl, this hard partying wild thing has been sent to disciplinary school, gotten into bar brawls, and quit every job that stood in the way of having a good time.
Okay, before I even start watching, this girl reminds me so much of Angie from BGC New Orleans. Just appearance-wise. We’ll see where it goes from there.
– Resemblance stops from the promo photos. She came on a little aggressive, but from her intro video I think I might like her. She is also going to go at it with Mehgan. She can take her though. She reminds me of a young Laura San Giacomo (appearance), and Flo. Her bio doesn’t seem to match her behavior (except for the altercation with Julie), so maybe she’s one of the few who’s actually here to change themselves. Seems like she’s just keeping to herself for now, feeling out her her surroundings, and acclimating. For those of you who are wondering, attempting to interact with everyone on a small talk level, and not establishing sides immediately, does not make one ‘fake.’
Feelings: I haven’t decided how I feel about her yet

Erika; 23; Chicago, IL
Erika, a Chicago based rapper, loves running Chicago’s party scene. Quick-witted, mischievous, and a notorious boyfriend stealer, Erika’s true passion is her music. Although she is a great friend to those who follow her lead, this bad girl can turn into your worst enemy if you cross her, stating, “You’re either rockin’  with me or you’re getting your ass rocked by me.”
I’m instantly drawn to Erika’s solo promo photo, she’s the only one who just looks open and friendly, like this is her everyday stance, while the others seem to be trying to look a certain way.
– Right now, I would like her regardless just because Mehgan is hating on her. There’s always that one girl that comes to the house with an open mind, and I think she’s the one. Granted, she was the last one to arrive, and all the others judged each other as they showed up, so she didn’t get a chance to do that.  I feel like she will protect Ashley if people attack her, and I can see her and Falen being cool. She’s going to see through Mehgan’s bullshit “we need to be together because we’re black” real quick. But damn, lightweight. So adorable though. “Rima’s my care about me boo.”
Feelings: I like her a lot

Falen; 25, Springfield, MA
This Middle Eastern, Eritrean punk is determined to rebel against her family’s strict moral code. After being injured in a car accident, Falen is ready to get back to her party girl ways. Spunky, goofy, and spoiled, Falen cannot wait to bring a new flavor to the Bad Girls House.
From the promos that have been airing for the last couple months, I have a feeling I’m going to like this girl. “I am not going to Mexican jail. Nooooo.”
– Aw crap, she says swag. I’ll forgive her for that part for now, only because really like her style. I want to form a band with her. Like yesterday. I don’t even know what else to say.  I appreciate her attempt to be the peacemaker, although she lost serious points with me when she joined in with Julie on that “calling Christina out for being fake” shit.
Feelings: I like her, but have a suspicion that as time goes on my feelings will waver.

Julie; 23; Boston, MA
Like a kitten, Julie claims she’s “cute and lovable but if you piss me off I’ll claw your eyes out.” A former drama geek, Julie has left her awkward “fugly phase” behind and now possesses over the top self-esteem. Combining her arrogance with a quick sense of humor, this former American Idol contestant is all party and all mouth – all the time.
I’m not sure how this one’s going to play out. In my opinion, you can’t be cute and lovable if you’re also arrogant.
– If someone is keying your car, that you really must be steping out of line. Every child has a fugly phase, so I hope she has more to her personality and her life story than overcoming her glasses and Ramona Quinby haircut. She is absolutely very pretty though, so everyone needs to stop talking about how she’s fat and ugly. However, she needs to watch out for that sneaky Mehgan. Don’t kiss her ass. And why are she telling Christina to stop running her mouth when Christina hasn’t even said or done anything? Definitely seeing her arrogance, and I want to pop her in the mouth.
Feelings:  Strong dislike

Mehgan; 21; Houston, TX
A self-proclaimed “nudist at heart,” Mehgan is a smart young woman who graduated from high school a year early. Scarred from previous relationships, Mehgan has difficulty letting people in. However, when she is looking, this “single as a pringle” girl prefers her men tall, dark, handsome, rich, famous, and athletic.
All I can think of, seeing the spelling of this name, is, “meh.” Is that how I’m going to feel about her once I start watching?
– Um, wow. I wish ‘meh’ could be my reaction to this chick. The girl all athletes want to be with? The round the world? You’re going to break a dude’s dick if you keep that up. Since she bears a slight resemblance to the Will Smith-voiced Oscar (it’s those wide-set eyes), I really can’t say that she’s particularly that gorgeous. Sorry. And how does she go from talking about having the best body to pretending to be modest with “I don’t have the greatest body, but…” and then calling Julie fat? Don’t nobody need your help with makeup. Don’t hate on the punk style. Obama’s stepdaughter? Um… seeing as how Michele is his only wife, and she had no other kids, that makes it hard for you to be his stepdaughter.
Feelings:  Vitriol.

Rima; 22; Chicago, IL
“I’m the first one taking off my shirt, I’m the first one to fight, and I’m the first one on the speaker dancing,” claims this Algerian beauty. Sexy and rebellious, Rima defies the stereotypes placed on women of her culture. The star of several music videos and a regular on the Chicago party scene, Rima is considered a local celebrity. This recently single bad girl knows how to work a room, enchant new guys, and handle her haters.
From her photo, I expect Rima to be a sweetheart. However, something about that local celebrity thing makes me cautious. This isn’t going to be Natalie 2.0, is it?
– Okay, looks nothing like that photo. In fact, I might be scared of her if met her. She’s large. And I don’t necessarily mean physically (even though those are some giant ta-tas), but personality. Boom!  Seeing her interact with other people makes me a little unsure. For once I’m on the same page with Mehgan, no one wants to see your ass. Also… I just realized that she reminds me a little bit of Judi. As this ep goes on, I find that I like her more and more, but I think it’s only because she’s going up against the two snobs, and I really don’t like them.
Feelings:  I haven’t decided yet

The comments that they each make about each other’s looks just makes no sense. “She has no style.” Why? Because it’s not the same as yours? People have different styles. You know that, right?  And really, when did all this fighting become acceptable? Also, doesn’t anyone believe in real pants? Damn, Mehgan actually helped bring Erika’s drunk ass into the house? She lifted a finger for someone else? Not cool on the hot sauce on the face though Falen. What if that would have gotten in her eyes? Julie blaming Christina for starting a fight with her?

FINAL ASSERTION: I tried to delete the recording before the preview reel started, so that I can see as the season progresses how accurate I am, but I caught a few.  Mehgan won’t last to the end. I would have thought she’s going home already, but I saw the preview shots. Ashley will be poisoned and corrupted, and she’ll become just as much a raging bitch as the rest of them. Christina… might make it. As much as she ‘popped off’ at Julie, I saw a lot of restraint within her, and she’s going to be all talk. I wonder if she’ll have some kind of breakthrough and we’ll find out why she’s so nuts that she’s been sent to disciplinary school.  Someone will put Julie in her place, and I feel like it may end up being Falen.

Can’t wait to tune in next week!


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