Childless People are People Too

Today I read Glo’s 10 Things to Never Say to Childless Friends. I was disgusted. Not so much by the article, even though I used to have #3 (you’ll get pregnant in no time) and #6 (have you tried different whatever)  said to me all the time, but by the comments. Are these people serious?

As an admitted human incubator, I know that there’s no way I could have lived my life without having children. This is what made it especially hard to watch my best friend get pregnant when she was actively trying not to, and had no desire for kids, when I was struggling to get pregnant over fifteen years ago.

But even as someone who longed to have kids, I would never ever question the motives of someone who doesn’t want them. Anyone who does, needs to mind their own business. Either that, or these are the same people who cover every inch of their facebook (profile pic, cover pic, every status update and photo album) with their kids, and lose any sense of themselves. This are the people who have nothing else going for them in their lives except their kids. Sorry, I said it. It’s one thing to says, “my kids are my life.” Even I say that. But it’s another to lose your life to your kids.

Do I talk about my kids on facebook? Of course. I talk about them here. But my profile and cover pics are both me, and at least 50% of any status updates have absolutely no mention of my kids.

As a mother, you are still an individual person, just as someone without kids is. So again, mind your damn business.




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Jessénia Natalia Larcombe-Urban is a graduate of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School and NYU, where she is a member of Alpha Phi Zeta. The owner and president of Síren Call Records, Sénia has five children and one step son with her late husband. View all posts by Jessénia

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