Pro-Choice Re-explained

Pro-Life is a misnomer. It exists solely to undermine the real meaning of Pro-Choice. If it’s supposed to be the opposite of Pro-Choice, then by calling it PRO-Life, it implies that Pro-Choice is ANTI-Life. This is blatantly untrue. Pro-Choice is NOT and never will be Pro-Abortion. So let’s just call Pro-Life what it really is: Anti-Choice. Then let’s take the time to realize that we’re all really… on the same side, just seeing it from different vantage points.  Anti-Choice people want there to be no abortions, period. Pro-Choice people want it so that there is no NEED for abortion.  So… All you self-described Pro-Lifers who believe in contraceptive use, and sex-education about said contraceptive use: Congrats, you’re actually Pro-Choice.

About Melissa Limasse

| Real name - Yeah right | Location – The State of Being | Worth - $2,425,486 | Education – B.A. Sociology and Psychology, A.As. in Criminal Justice | Single, childless, and completely satisfied with both, Ms. Limasse doesn’t fit into the traditional “female” mold. Most people would say she’s intimidating. Anything that she says here she has most likely already said out loud View all posts by Melissa Limasse

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