Bad Girls Club Mexico: Wash Rinse Re-beat

I’d just like to start by saying I’m glad I went through the thorough introduction last week, because usually it takes me two episodes to remember everyone’s names, but I think I’m pretty set already. So… let’s see who I’m still down with and who I’m hating on already.

I do want to take on the whole showering thing. First off… you don’t know what Rima did with her hooha. I have days where I don’t need to shower, but I still wash the important stuff in the bathroom. How do you know this chick didn’t do that? Mehgan… what? What does a driver’s license have to do with it? And to talk about how a jacuzzi cleans you, when that’s exactly what Rima said.  Erika, thanks for keeping it real, calling Mehgan out on her “Bitch, this is what I said, bitch,” response.

I still think Julie is lame. Ashley is still adorable and so clueless. What’s really surprising is that Julie is attacking Ashley for not being all skinny – didn’t she herself “struggle” with her weight. Really? Accusing Erika of trying to be the leader? Nah, that’s Mehgan. Falen is slowly coming down the ranks with me. I’m disappointed, of all people I expected her to be the on who wouldn’t be all up in Mehgan and Julie’s ass. I hate watching her talk shit with those two.

I also just noticed, again, that it’s a mostly minority cast again. Two white girls.

Do they purposely cast people with crazy-ass tempers? Also… Julie accusing Christina of only starting fights in public… yet, she hasn’t started the fights. Love it. I love that Ashley came in just straight-up saying she had no class, and so far (with the exception of the tiny-ass dresses and her shit hanging out), she’s been the classiest there.

You can’t hate on girls in the club having a good time. This went down last season too, with half the girls being all stank about the other half dancing with random people in the club. They want to dance. You want to stand off and act like a snob. What’s the problem. I mean, yeah, I really don’t understand why Rima always has to have her hooha hanging out, but I wouldn’t feel the need to distance myself from her. Just do your own thing, boo! Don’t hate!

*sound of record coming to screeching halt* Wait, hold up. Your son sounds like he is about three years old… So, yes, you have every right to be here, but now even I have a problem with you being naked up in the club.

I don’t think I’ve ever found anything quite as offensive as Julie saying that Christina should swim with the dolphins, because dolphins are notorious rapists. So she basically said that Christina needs to be raped. That makes me want to punch her until she’s unconscious. Just for that, she has automatically dropped to the very bottom of my list. Done.

Christina just dropped $100. How did she not have enough to cover the tab? Seriously? $100 should be your entire tab, not just one share. Wow. Sit and talk shit the whole ride home. That’s some of the most annoying shit, “mumble mumble mumble”  “What?”  “Nothing.” Ugh.

Ashley’s drunk craziness is fantastic. Reminds me so much of Judi. The difference, of course, being that Judi went crazy on people when she drinks, and Ashley just gets silly.

I will give some props to Mehgan for throwing some punches. Why does everyone always throw stuff in the pool. It’s so fucking lame. Apparently it’s fight night, and I’m glad Christina finally went after Julie. Julie instigating since the beginning.

Okay, seriously, does anyone just have their own hair? Every single one of these broads, for years, brings their clip-ins! And then accuse other people of being fake.

And then Julie – “We’re gonna scrap: this is the bad girls house.” Okay, well again, there’s nothing classy about being a bad girl. It’s disgusting. Mehgan is so far the fakest of them all. She’s the first one to renig on every thing she says. All up on Erika on the first day – “We need to be friends because we’re black” and then immediately turns around and calls her a fat beast.  “I will never touch anyone’s stuff.” Stuff in the pool.

I know I say this every season, but what the hell? Every season it’s more fights than the year before. I don’t get it.

ASSERTION:  Ashley and Christina are falling apart, but I called that. Ashley is just here to party, she doesn’t give a shit, and so that’s cool. Every group needs one. But Erika still might take her under her wing, despite calling her dumb (she is dumb. It’s a character description at this point, not an insult). Julie needs to get beat down a little more. I need to now what happened to make her think that she’s all that. She’s worse than most of the other snobs, and really, almost worse than Mehgan.


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