Victim-Blaming at Its Finest: Ashley Moser

I know that Ms. Moser, and anyone who knows her, will probably never ever see this post, but it makes me feel a little better to write it, so I am.

It is nobody’s business but your own what movie you choose to take your child to, and what time of said movie. Got it? If your child is old enough to sit through a movie, and mature enough to deal with anything in that movie, then go ahead and take that child to the movie. Spending time together, and maybe allowing your child a special treat by getting to stay up late equals good parenting.

But no… there are people like this in the world:

In an earlier post, she said that no responsible parent would ever take a child to a movie at night. Ever. Period. And that the child was there as a lack of common sense.

I have taken it upon myself to reply to her, and will repeat here:

The “mother herself is going to be questioning why she took her out that night” Why don’t we let her question herself then? It’s not anyone else’s job to do so. She committed absolutely zero crimes.  She did nothing that would give any authority a reason to take her child away.

Unless you know what the mother was thinking when she took her daughter to a movie, you cannot say “going to the movie was more important than doing what was right.” That is nothing but pure victim blaming and that is what does not belong. You’re continuing to say the same thing over and over again, all under the pretense that you only blame the gunman.

If a woman chooses to spend time with her child doing something they enjoy, then that is what is right, no matter what time of day. Again, the movie is not as violent as everyone is making it out to be, and if I had a 6-year-old, and she wanted to see it, I would look over parental guides, and judge for myself what my child can handle.

Jane was then informed by a poster that she was was sexually assaulted, and was asked if it was her fault because she chose to go to a strip club? Jane replies:

And she did safeguard her – by being with her. She took her child to the movies, not to a gang party. She had absolutely no reason to think she was taking her daughter into a dangerous situation. Yes, I’m sure the mother will blame herself. I’m sure she’d blame herself if she took her daughter to the playground and a shootout happened. I’m sure she’d blame herself if she was in a car accident and her daughter died. It is up to no one but her to blame herself, even if she should not be doing so.

Luckily, there are other people out there with decency. Tanya and I have gone back and forth with Jane  a few times now.
(Note: Tanya’s profile picture is redacted only because she has children in it.)

To Ashley Moser and her family: I’m not really a religious person, so I don’t feel right saying that my prayers go out to you, but I am sending strong and healthy vibes your way, that Ms. Moser pulls through and that you will all get through this.


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10 responses to “Victim-Blaming at Its Finest: Ashley Moser

  • tzbaby59

    im not sure that this will post properly, but shame on you jane. youre a cold person to make statements blaming the child’s mom. you said it yourself that she will probably blame herself for her child’s demise so shame on you! youre a mother?? smh…well maybe you should rescind the statements. that would be the right thing to do and easy in comparison to teaching common sense and decency to the likes of you.

    uh duh…of course she didnt take her kid to a late night movie to be murdered. you are a moron. that is not the case and you repeatedly say its not the mom’s fault its the shooter’s fault. what a joke. the whole point of your post is to place blame on the mom. undoubtedly, had this unfortunate event never taken place, you would not be calling this poor woman essentially her child’s murderer. shame on you. so much more to say but its repulsive that you, as a mother yourself, feel its your place to use this forum to say that. bottom line is its the shooter’s fault…that’s all there is to it. she had no way of knowing, nor did the others (some with children) that this would be their fate.

    • Melissa Limasse

      This is spot-on. Jane’s backhanded defense of “well I am blaming the shooter” was constantly undermined by her “but if she was never there in the first place” sentiment. She baffled me.

  • nank

    How many parents took their children to Harry Potter midnight opening screenings? Would she blame them too? Stupidity is rampant.

    • Melissa Limasse

      Oh man. She probably worked her ass off for that too.

      • pif

        N.Y. Daily News has revised its report that Veronica’s mother, Ashley Morse was accepted to nursing school, not medical school, to train as an LPN. In the same report, verified by an ABC affiliate among others, Ashley Moser was reported pregnant, & her baby is alive. Also reports Ms. Moore lost her father 2 months ago, with whom she and Veronica lived with, to leukemia after a 10 month battle, was struggling to build a life, on Medicaid. May the unspeakable tragedy of this woman forever speak to us all of the danger of rushing to judgment.

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  • Will

    For those of you who thought Ashley brought her daughter to the Dark Knight, get your facts straight she was shot thru the wall watching a different movie. Ashley is a good mom, I know her and knew her daughter.

    • Melissa Limasse

      Really? Oh God, that’s even worse.
      How is she doing, anyway? Any improvement?

      For the record, no one that’s writing or commenting here thinks she’s a bad mother. That’s kind of the whole point of my article, is that she’s not a bad mother.

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