Bad Girls Club Mexico: The Devil Wears Nada

I want to start this by saying I just found out Mehgan has her own website. I am not sharing it because I refuse to contribute to the site gaining any traffic.

A little concerned about Rima’s little breakdown. This is really like it was with Judy, when she would get all crazy and each ‘group’ would try and turn her against the other. But all this talk about the devil, and the way she gets all completely insane… just freaking scary.

I’m really getting tired of Julie and Christina going at it all the time. I know that in life you’re going to run into people that you just do not like – it’s life – but you have to learn how to just avoid that person, not slap them up every chance you get. And Julie trying to act like she’s the tough one because she throws the first punch whenever the two of them scrap; she’s just an idiot. Of course she’s going to let you throw the first punch. Then you’re the one who goes home.

I’m slowly coming to a decision on Rima: I don’t like her. It’s not anything particular (like in the way I can’t stand Mehgan), but it’s just because she doesn’t seem to have any brains or a head on her shoulders. At least when it comes to Ashley, she’s ditzy-dumb, so instead of disliking her, you just kind of feel bad for her. But Rima… no.

I still don’t like Julie, but I’m not sure on Christina either. I should like her, simply because of the rivalry with Julie, but I’m just not sure. Falen still seems to be playing it cool, and while I remain ambivalent towards her right now, I feel as though things might flip with me in regards to her and Erika. I feel as though Erika will slowly lose points with me in this attempt to be the leader, and Falen’s going to come out from under the horrendous shadow of Julie and Mehgan.

I really don’t have much of a final thought on this one… this episode was really kind of boring and it didn’t feel like a whole lot of everything happened.  Julie’s attempt to start drama between Rima and Erika really backfired, in my opinion, but who knows? Guess we’ll catch it next week!



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