Celebrity Girl Crushes: the 2012 Roundup

The girl-crush. We all have them. Some of us have them on people we actually know, and some of have them on celebrities. Admit that you have a girl-crush in front of a man, and it will take all of .4 seconds before the pool scenes from Wild Things start racing through his head. However, this is really not the case. In a sense, a girl crush is romantic but it’s not distinctly sexual. A girl-crush is about having an intense admiration for another female that borders on infatuation, without the creepy Single White Female undertones. You either want to be her best friend or you want to be her. At the very least, you want to spend time with her, and you want her to like you. It’s the counterpart to the bromance.

How can you tell if you have a girl-crush on someone you know? Wait until just the two of you are going out. Do you spend hours agonizing over what to wear? Do you wait to finish off your outfit until she arrives to pick you up, and you subtly match your look to hers? For instance: heels or flats. You could easily wear either, but you’re waiting to see which she is wearing. Flats? You slip into yours as if you were planning on wearing them all along.

Celebrity girl-crushes tend be more fleeting, as are celebrity crushes in general. In addition, since many of us do not actually become friends with celebs, the whole ‘wanting to be friends’ feeling wears off quickly and leaves the ‘wanting to be her,’ which can quickly become disheartening.

Following this logic, My celebrity girl-crushes do tend to change with the seasons, with the exception of my number one lady. She’s been my reigning #1 girl-crush for a long time. I don’t know why my flavors change so much, I only chalk it up to being straight, so it’s much easier to “let go,” for lack of a better way to explain getting over them.

Honorable Mention: Jessica Szohr, Anne Hathaway

This honor goes to these two both for beauty and brains, as well as humanitarianism. Hathway spoke in support of gay rights and said, “People who have said that I’m being brave for being openly supportive…I’m not being brave, I’m being a decent human being.” Boom. Say no more. When it comes to Szohr, who you may know from Gossip Girl and Love Wedding Marriage (in which she co-starred with a close third for the honorable mention, Mandy Moore, and a member of the Gentlemen ranking) is really more of just beauty to me. I openly admit that it’s mostly a physical attraction. She’s gorgeous.

#2: Emma Stone

There’s just something about Stone. I don’t know if it’s her acting, the way she seamlesses fits into whatever character she’s playing, or if it’s those eyes. Okay, it might be the eyes. And the husky voice. She’s like the Jane Russell of our time, in my opinion. I adored her in Crazy, Stupid, Love and really loved her in The Help and Spiderman. In general, I just find her to be the perfect mix of cute and beautiful (a reference from one of her movies), and I prefer the red or dark brown hair to her natural blonde.

#1: Rosario Dawson

Oh, my queen. Anyone who doesn’t put this woman on the top of any list, girl-crush, straight man crush, full-on lesbian crush, and I don’t even know what, needs to have their eyes checked. Look at her. She’s got a nerd side (including creating a graphic novel), which is incredibly sexy, a regular sexy side, and the woman spoke at an Obama inaugural celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. She supports a number of charities, such as StayClose.org and the Lower East Side Girls Club, as well as sitting on the V-Day board. In all honesty, this is the one girl-crush that probably crosses the line from admiration into pure infatuous lust. Can you blame me?

Others who missed being on the honorable mention list, in addition to Mandy Moore, include Scarlett Johannsen, Adele, America Ferrera, and Angelina Jolie. The first three make the cut based on their dedication to keeping their curves, and when it comes to Jolie, I find myself inspired by her humanitarian work.


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