Lawsuit Happy: Aurora, CO Edition

And we’re off! I admit I’d have to have a much more optimistic view of people nowadays if I didn’t expect lawsuits to come out of this. But I was expecting them to be against Holmes after his actual trial. And I certainly wasn’t expecting them against people and entities that really do not deserve to shoulder the blame.

Torrence Brown, Jr., was not physically injured during the rampage but whose friend was killed, reportedly plans to file a lawsuit against the theater, the suspect’s doctors, and Warner Bros. He’s claiming to be suffering extreme trauma. And clearly he is experiencing trauma, the kind that makes him think and behave irrationally. He has hired attorney Donald Karpel, who explained why the three defendants named in the lawsuit.

To begin with, he states the theater’s emergency exits should have sounded an alarm. On one hand, I agree. Reports say that a man appeared to take a cell phone call and exited this door. The man is believed to be Holmes, since this is the door her then returned through. There’s a possibility that the phone call was a ruse to go through the door, testing it, and when there was no alarm, he decided that his plan was all systems go. If this is true, then Brown and Karpel may have a case. However, police responded within a minute and a half once the shooting started, which leads me to believe there may be some kind of silent alarm on the door. But that’s all my speculation. Even if there was an alarm, people would have filed out the same door that he had just gone through, where they could have been shot anyway.

Next, Karpel is going after the suspect’s doctors, due to the wide speculation that he may have been – may, may – on prescription drugs and wasn’t being monitored properly. First off, what kind of information is this kid privy to, that he knows what went on between the suspect and his doctors? We don’t even have any evidence yet to suggest that he was, in fact, medicated, and we certainly can’t blame the doctors for his behavior if he was. This is like blaming a doctor who prescribes Viagara to a man who later rapes someone. Holmes, and Holmes alone, is responsible for his actions.

Finally, Warner Bros. are in the crosshairs, for producing such a violent movie that Holmes was inspired to mimic. Karpel claims theater goers were helpless because they thought the shooter was part of the movie. I have yet to hear someone say this, and if I were one of the survivors, I would be insulted by this. To say that a theater full of people thought that a movie, which includes a moving image projected onto a screen, would include real gas being thrown into the room as well as a fully armored man with multiple weapons… well, you’re insulting their intelligence.  Also, really? To begin with, Mr. Karpel, your client as well as that everyone in that theater purchased a ticket for this “violent” movie. They all found seats to watch and be entertained by this movie. Have any of them taken to obtaining a multitude of weaponry and killing people? No? Well then, I guess it’s not the movie’s fault after all.

There is one person, and one person only, responsible for this, and this lawsuit is going to help feed his defense with this crap. If anyone else blames the movie too, then all they do is lend credibility to the suspect and his defense team blaming the movie.


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