Bad Girls Club Mexico: Girls Gone Ham

And we’re back! Because I have a million things on my mind tonight, this might end up being random thoughts that run through my head, with limited sequiturs, as the episode unfolds. I mean, yeah, that’s how most of these posts go already, but this will be really bad. Sorry.

Seriously, can we bring back the days when the girls had a job to do? Letting them all just sit here and plot and play games is just annoying. It paints a really ugly picture of what women are like. I know that they’re all young, and so still in that hypercritical stage, but damn.

Rima… breaking down about wanting someone to tell you they love you… I get the sentiment, I really do, but were you expecting to find that here? In the Bad Girls Club? In a city, in a town, in a country in which you know no one? This isn’t The Bachelor, you’re not going to meet some stranger and be in love with each other in a matter of weeks.

I actually forgot Rima had a son. Mehgan’s assertion that Rima isn’t about her child isn’t entirely off base. There is no reason mothers cannot be Bad Girls. However, a Bad Girl is not a bad girl, and sometimes Rima really is a bad girl. Frankly, they all are. A lot of times, these girls (and ones from other seasons too) are like dudes. That shit isn’t even cute. And it begs the question again, how the hell do these chicks get into relationships with guys? I don’t understand.

I can’t tell if Julie’s plan to drive a wedge between Erika and Rima worked or backfired. I’m not sure who she was trying to run off. It seemed like she was trying to retain Rima to her little team, but it looks like it came off the opposite way.

Julie hits like a little bitch. I’m still on the fence on Rima, but I’m glad she threw down on Julie. All those little scraps between Julie and Christina were nothing compared to that. Boom. Julie is slowly edging Mehgan out as the biggest bitch. And… really? You whipped Rima’s ass? Um… you got one hit in, and it was weak as hell. Rima got at least five good hits to the back of your head and quite a few kicks to the gut.

Messing with the email was NOT cool. Fuck that. I draw a serious line there. Fuck those bitches.

Rima… your man is pathetic. “Be strong and stick it out.” He doesn’t even sound like he cares. Dump him. I watch so many girls on this show with the lamest boyfriends ever. Be better. Do better.

Julie, you again. “Why are you here, no one invited you!” about a bird? You live in an open air house, you dumb fuck. Oh I hate her, I hate her so much.  Alex – you need to check who you’re friends with. You’re proud of your friend for what she does?

I’m with Christina on this. Mattress in the pool. So last season. And season before last. And before that. And before that. Oh, and before that. Someone really needs to come up with something new. Maybe some Hangover shit and put a mattress on the roof? It’s getting to the point where I honestly wonder why I watch this fucking show anymore. It’s all so predictable.

It was pretty messed up that Rima’s friend called the house looking to talk to Erika. Really? Let your friend fight her battles, what are you going to do from back home?

I’m still so ambivalent on Falen. All of a sudden Erika is part of team pretty girls? Why, because you know Erika would stomp your ass if you stay on her bad side?

Christina – holy shit girl, you just got some serious kudos from me. Thank you, thank you for not following along in the herd mentality. It shows that she is really is growing, and that’s awesome. I hope it sticks.

Julie again – what the fuck! Talking shit about two old ladies just trying to have a good time. Are you kidding?

Yeah…. Erika is definitely slowly crossing to the ‘don’t like’ side. First of all, nobody can be Tanisha, so don’t try the pot and pan routine. It really doesn’t work for you, and it was a really pitiful attempt.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Erika is trying to one-up the whole house, that’s all it is. She thinks she lost control of Rima, and she doesn’t want Julie and them to think she’s losing control of the house, so by acting as super hard as she is, she’s trying to send a message that she can do this to anyone. I do sincerely hope that it does all turn around, that Falen (and I really wasn’t expecting her to fall into the role of follower) and even Mehgan realize what a psycho Julie is, and that they entire house goes up against here. Seriously, I didn’t think I’d dislike anyone more than Mehgan but Julie is really blowing my mind.


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2 responses to “Bad Girls Club Mexico: Girls Gone Ham

  • Jamie

    I definitely enjoyed reading this article and agree on everything said about the girls. The whole mattress and pots thing is beyond played out and I think Rima should have body slammed Erica for talking about her being a bad mother. Even if she isn’t the best mom Erica don’t know nothing about Rima. All this “mean girls” routine makes them look like bad girls who need back up bad girls to prove they are bad. Lame doesn’t even describe this season so far. As far as I’m concerned it is a repeat of past seasons and no need to even watch the rest unless somebody really gets their bad wannabe butts kicked.

    By the way…I happened to notice a spelling error in the article. “Soem” in the paragraph that starts with “Christina.”

    Other than that, a great and brutally honest review. I’m pretty sure that the little unity they have now will break apart in the upcoming episodes and it won’t surprise me when they all turn on each other as they usually do in Bad Girls Club. Oxygen should rename the show “Wannabe Mean Girl Bullies Who Think They’re Bad Because They Throw Mattresses in the Pool.”

  • Melissa Limasse

    Thanks, I’ll correct the typo. 🙂

    I honestly don’t know why I still watch this. It gives women such a terrible name. When I think back to the first two seasons, I remember maybe 1 fight. And it wasn’t even much of a fight, I think it was a slap. This fighting in every episode – sometimes twice – is overly annoying.

    And thanks for reading. I hope you’ll go bck and read my previous reviews and stay tuned for next week’s!

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