Bad Girls Club Mexico: Pretty Girl Bounced

I’m going to open with some honesty: I really didn’t even feel like writing about this episode. I turned my DVR on, and amongst all the things I have to watch, one of them was this pile of crap. I truly considered just writing something to the effect of “I hate these bitches. The end.”

But then I went to look up the title of this episode before I started writing (I like to get any introduction written before I even press play), because it wasn’t showing up in my DVR list, and I saw something that made me want to both watch it and talk about it. Yes, I know I could have waited until it started up and watched the title there, but then that would have meant me sitting here with my screen up and ready to go while watching.

Instead, like I said. I saw something, and now here I am, prepping. I still don’t know how much I’ll have to say, because in the back of my head I’m still thinking, “Has it really been a week already? Maybe each episode should be on once a month,” but I’ll do my best. I’ve got a drink, I’ve got some cookies, I’ve taken a piss, and here we go… play.

Alright, Rima and Erika fight. I actually was surprised to see Erika fight. I don’t why I felt like Erika was a big talker. I hate that she acted all silly asking why she had to go home, but at the same time, she gets sent home after one fight, when these other chicks have been in several each. I’m even more pissed at Julie, for her stupid plan.

I’m getting tired of Ashley seeming all lost and pathetic all the time. Falen has completely redeemed herself with that confessional. I knew she had it in her. Julie’s fake breakdown over her concern for Falen getting to know Rima. No, you’re not scared that Rima is going to screw Falen over, you’re scared you’re going to lose her.

AGAIN, again with the auto-hate on the new girl. It’s seriously the most immature thing ever. Do these people know how the replacement thing works? She was clearly ON TAP to be in the house, it’s not like they just picked her off the street randomly, so she has just as much “right” to be there as you do. How does checking out the house equate walking around like she owns the place?

So Andrea looks nothing like her picture. So far I like her. As per usual, the fact that Mehgan doesn’t like her pretty much sets the tone that I will. I’ll admit that her giggle will drive me crazy, but Mehgan whining about her voice? Really. Your voice sounds like someone had to wind you up and you’re running out of energy just saying five words.

Finally Ashley found her balls. Thank you. Now keep them right there in your front pocket where you can access them daily.

I’m kind of pissed that these girls still get to go on a vacation… Pretty sure Cabo is already the damn vacation, plus La Paz is like 2 hours away. So they’re basically just vacationing and living in the same place.

There it is. Julie and Mehgan are starting to come undone because Falen opened her eyes to what douchebags they were. Am I the only one who just can’t stand to watch Julie talk? It’s like she purposely moves her face and mouth in odd angles and formations. I can’t tell if she’s trying to be Zooey Deschanel or something.

In this brewing Ashley-Christina fight, I’m not even sure what to think. When all is said and done, Christina woke up alone and freaked the fuck out. Everyone in her face wasn’t helping. On the other hand, if she had just come into the room and said what the hell happened, all of this would have been avoided.  Rima just made me laugh about Christina being psychotic and all that, um… does she not remember talking about Charlie coming out? And no, Christina doesn’t need an ass-whooping. For her to be as quick to violence as she as, and afraid of sleeping alone, my psych side is saying something happened to this girl. Something bad. She doesn’t need a beat-down, she needs love.

Mehgan again. I want to hit you. You’re worried about blowdrying and straightening while you’re on vacation? Shut the hell up. Bet you feel stupid sitting on that boat watching your friends have a good time. You have proved time and time that you are a fake bitch. Don’t be sit there and pretend that you give a shit about Falen when on day one you were mocking her. Also, stop pretended like you care about Ashley’s past, because you’ve absolutely been calling her fat the entire time.

Back to Christina. She’s got a mean long scar on her thigh, and I know I have a ton of scars that look a lot scarier than they really are, but it makes me wonder even more what kind of past she has. If you all watched Tanisha Gets Married, you saw her breakthrough when she talked about her childhood, what it is that makes her so prone to anger, and I really wonder how similar Christina’s situation might be.


FINAL THOUGHTS:  I don’t really have many today.  Are these girls really that vain that they all go to bed covered in makeup? Also, new opinion: Andrea is my new favorite.  And lastly, thank whatever deity of whatever religion you follow that there are two weeks until the next one.

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One response to “Bad Girls Club Mexico: Pretty Girl Bounced

  • tiger kitty

    who let these bitches get on tape lookin so nasty? didnt somebody tell them to dress better? even the chicks that have lumps can look fine if somebody told them how to dress. seriously bgc this season has the worst ghetto girl look….even hood gotta look good!

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