After-action Regret

I want to preface this quickly by saying that I know there are people out there who do cry rape. A friend of mine was once affected by this. When a pair of my friends broke up, a third party slept with him just to rub it in her face that she could, and afterwards, the third party claimed that it was rape. Sorry, no dice. The downside to these instances is that they do call the real cases into question.

And by real, I mean forcible, drugged, underage, date, and any other kind of rape there is, damnit.

That being said, with the exception of some truly messed up people, no one wants to be raped. The cool thing is not to go bang and then pretend it was rape. If you’re trying to make excuses for slutty behavior, it won’t work, because in this victim-blaming society, you’re going to be called a slut anyway.


I don’t even have the energy anymore. On to the graphic…


And there ya go.


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