Bad Girls Club Mexico: Mexican Meltdown & Stage Bite

After the two week break and the extra self-imposed week that I took, I feel like all these chicks are strangers to me. It’s weird. So Mehgan is already on my nerves. Mad because someone moved your stuff to your bed? Where did you leave it? If it was in the way and she moved it to your bed, I think that was pretty damn polite.

I’m already tired of this. Three weeks without them was so nice. I swear they stress me out in real life.

I can’t believe Ashley just peed in the ice bucket.

I still don’t like the way Falen co-signs with Mehgan and Julie, but I consistently appreciate the way she still manages to stand on her own. You think Julie would have gone out with Christina and Ashley and Andrea if Falen and Mehgan weren’t going? I just don’t like the fact that she just hates on Andrea for no reason, especially when I think Falen and Andrea would get along the best.

Julie and her dolphin rape. Much like not every man is a rapist, not every dolphin is out there just lurking in the shadows waiting for you. Not to mention, it’s not really rape: there’s no penetration. It’s similar to the way a dog humps someone’s leg. You’re not going to be dragged down into the depths of the ocean by by a gang of dolphins. They’re giving in to animal instincts.

I really can’t understand how Julie is accusing everyone else in the house of looking for attention, when she tries to be the center of attention constantly. For instance, the fact that you are the only one who ever refers to it as your house.

Mehgan… wanting to be sitting in on the fight with Andrea and her boyfriend… with three snaps in a Z formation? Ass-kisser. You can say you have a “newfound respect” for her, but you really just sat in hoping to see her cry.

I love – love – LOVE Falen’s vintage outfit for the night out. Looks amazing. Something I could picture a friend of mine wearing.

Julie… stop psychoanalyzing people. You’re projecting. The only one who has a negative opinion of herself is you. Christina drank for free all night and made some money, all she had to do was dance and grind up on the dude? Please. If any guy in that club came up to you, you’d be rubbing your ass all over him – for nothing!

Bah! Christina called her ex a German Nazi. I burst out laughing at that one. So random. I would love to know what happened to her in her life.

Love that Andrea was sound asleep during hide and seek. Also love that Mehgan actually looks like an old lady. HAHA! Also, when they show those little snippets during the commercial breaks like that, it just goes to show how much editing goes into making all the rivalries look so crazy. Because they were all clearly getting along during hide and seek.

Ugh… I hate the lie set-ups. Because you know who you’re making look stupid? Rima. Can’t wait for the reunion when Rima realizes how much Julie has played her. Julie lied to Erika with the intention of getting Rima out, but that backfired, now she’s lying to Rima to get Christina out. Idiot. By the way, Rima, it’s get revenge on Christina, not off.

Aw Christ. Why would Mehgan and Julie go to Andrea right now? How do they have the balls to come and pretend to care about someone? Julie took time to click to Mehgan? What? You were so far up her hooha by hour four.

How many times is Rima gonna get beat up this season?

Okay… so… is Rima going to realize that the entire house is playing her?

Wow… I’m actually impressed with their round two, they grappled like Olympic wrestlers in those first couple seconds. I’m a little grossed out by the chunk Rima took out of Christina’s leg. With her teeth. EW!

Christina… kind of sad to see you go. It’s rare that I like a bully, but something about her concerns me. Something happened to her to make her like this. I want to know what.

Rima, your man ia fucking scrub. What dude responds with “To be honest, I don’t really care.” when his girl calls, sounds awful, and talks about having just been in a fight. Ditch him. DITCH HIM!

Mehgan. Shut up. Shut up, just shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up. And in case I haven’t made my point clear; Shut up.

Julie. You can shut up too. Do you ever have fun? You didn’t want to swim with the dolphins because you thought you were going to get raped, you don’t want to dance.  The instructor is a douche because she kicked you out of her dance class? You mean the one where you just randomly stopped dancing in the middle of practicing and pouted in the corner? You’re an idiot. Don’t blame your size on your lack of wanting to have fun and enjoy life. Newsflash: thick, curvy girls can dance this type of hip-hop routine better. I’m thick too and I used to perform Nsync choreography at school dances (I may have just blown my last shred of anonymity with that one because everyone knew who I was from that). Besides, not to come down to her level, but Ashley is bigger than she is, and Ashley is just thick with no curves and she’s doing it.

However… Loving the fact that Julie and Mehgan are starting to grow apart. Don’t know what the Rudy Huxtable comment was about though.

I really don’t have a lot to say about this one. I’m loving watching Mehgan get taken down all these pegs. I feel bad for Julie dealing with her weight issues, but at the same time, it’s nice to see her unravel a little bit.

Again, let’s look at Ashley. She’s a ditz, she is the thickest one in the house, but she just lives. She just does her thing. Did you see her shake the shit out of it on that stage? Just for that, she may finish this season as a favorite.

Star Wars is for nerds though.

Again with the vintage look on Falen. I wish I had her style. I’m going to start dresing like her.

I honestly don’t even know what to do right now. The two girls I can’t stand are gonna feud? How do I choose a side?

Ooh. Next week’s episode looks great! Except for the hazing of the new girl, of course,.


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