Bad Girls Club Mexico: Miserella

It’s gonna be brief today because this is pretty much the middle of my day. I’m not lounging in my underwear at two in the morning this time. Which actually makes it feel weird. I’ve never watched the Bad Girls Club while it was still daylight. I feel gross. I’m still begging for a complete overhaul next season. Please give these chicks a job.

Also… it’ll probably be random thoughts again.

So here’s something interesting: I think Mehgan looks better when she has no makeup on.
Julie, what the shit was that? You are not ghetto. “I wish a bitch would.” Oh hush.
Also… way to realize that you were part of the boring crew.

*Sigh* Let the hazing begin. On one hand, I get it, but on the other, no one hazed you!

Zuly is reminding me a little bit of Shakira. It entertains me how one side of her mouth moves more than the other.
Makes me laugh that the the “replacements” are the oldest in the group.

My eyes were away from the  screen, but I knew that whiny voice talking how she wasn’t going to turn gay was Mehgan. Making out with some chick does not make you gay.

Also… I just cracked up at the complete lack of censorship this time. It is completely obvious that Zuly just went down on Falen. Both of them are butt-naked, Falen is spread-eagle, and Zuly is sitting between her legs. Hello!

Does anyone really know what it means to have someone “call me out my name?” It means to have someone actually call you bitch. Like, Hey Bitch! Not, to accuse you of acting like a bitch. That is a simile about your behavior.  I would probably call you something else, going out to eat in those little-ass shorts.

Mehgan and the pink lipstick? You wanna talk about not being a child? Why are you wearing Barbie makeup? Don’t be mad that everyone else in the house can find a way to have fun except you. You mad bro? (I hate that phrase so much, but I can’t think of anything more fitting for her.)

So… not that I’m defending Mehgan by any means… but there is absolutely no rule that says you all have to be together all day everyday. It’s not like you were obligated to go to the beach. If Mehgan wanted to go and only invited a few people, then… she only needs to invite those few people, you know? What are you guys complaining about?

Way to be responsible about watching the time, ladies.

Also… So this is the second time Mehgan and Rima fought. The first time was weak, but this was actually a good take-down for Mehgan. Wow. Never in my life would I be on Mehgan’s side over Rima, but, if I keep watching Rima flip sides like this… sorry. Was a lame move Mehgan to pick that drink up. I mean, obviously you were gonna toss that in someone’s face. But Rima? Talking about someone’s legs being hairy? You know hair grows naturally on people’s bodies, so it’s not like it’s some personality flaw.

And yeah, Mehgan says something that brings her back to the bottom of my list. Talking about being ready to go. So, you treat people like shit over and over and nothing. Someone treats you like shit and you talk about leaving. Just like the twins from last season. I’ll say this much for her; at least she can actually hit. I also have to agree with her about Julie. Fake fake fake. She was so far up Mehgan’s ass and now to act like you’ve been against her from Day One. Too funny. Had to laugh to see her get thrown back by the producer.

I’ve decided that the security people here are the bravest on the planet. Even if you’re a big guy, two dudes in the middle of seven crazy broads… ugh.





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