Bad Girls Club Mexico: The Tipping Point

If it weren’t for the fact that it seems everyone gangs up on my girl Andrea today, I probably would have skipped this one. But I like Andrea, and I’m going to have to bitch about it. For the most part though, I’m just going to watch and not have a whole lot to say.

Sooooo….what part of Andrea dancing in the DJ booth equates flirting with Ricky J? Also, she’s cheap? Isn’t she paying for her and Falen, and didn’t you get into this argument with Mehgan, when Mehgan was talking shit about Falen never paying? You’ve never called Falen cheap. Interesting.

This is really pathetic. I’m glad Ashley finally opened her mouth, but it’s not even her fight.

Also… people talk about how the Bad Girls Club is a game to win. So, wouldn’t NOT getting sent home be part of winning? So why throw the first punch? Duh. Of course she’s not going to swing first.

Definite low blow with the fat slut comment. Buuut by the same token, I’m pretty sure that’s everyone’s go-to. No one says anything original here. “Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!” Ugh. Even you Andrea, and you know you’re my favorite, nothing was original there.

I really don’t like Rima. Talking about your man back home, then you have that lame-ass DJ, now you’re playing Zuly?

All that ass Julie has, and she can’t move it for shit. What the hell was that little bullshit against the wall? She looked like she had to take a piss, or like her tampon was falling out.

So, all in all, this was pretty weak.  Why is it that the person who starts stuff is always the one to “get bored” of it first? But seriously… apologize to everyone? Guess we’ll see how next week’s rumble goes. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what Andrea did to Julie.

Final thought:   Why is Ashley always laying on the bar?


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2 responses to “Bad Girls Club Mexico: The Tipping Point

  • Kai

    Very true! My favorites this season are Christina she can definitely fight for a skinny girl and Andrea I like her but she’s playing it smart because none of these girls in my book can fight. Rima is pretty but lame isn’t mature, can’t fight, the wanna be gangsta. Did she say she sends people home not really people were sent home for her safety! Her “playette” ways will get her back I actually want to see Zuly whoop her @ss but she seems more of a lover than a fighter. Julie walks around like a highschool cheerleader she was the girl that got picked on growing up and felt like she needed to prove something on the show. Falen is just ill she disgusts me and knows that she can’t back up her words with her fists. Ashley is ok but naive I wouldn’t defend someone who talked behind my back she’ll realize that Rima is full of it. Zuly is cool I like her she’s just enjoying herself and playing neutral. The reunion should be crazy! I’d rather leave swinging leaving these girls bruised up and do it again in reunion.

    • Melissa Limasse

      I swear, these girls get crazier and crazier every season. Like damn!

      I really want to like Falen, mostly because right from the start I liked that she wasn’t like every typical girl in the BGC (there’s always the divas and the fighters, and Falen isn’t either one), but she keeps siding with the wrong people.

      I like Zuly. When she first came in, I was like, ugh, here comes the stereotypical sounding-like-a-man lesbian, but then she got to talking, and I like her a lot.

      You are so dead on with Julie. She definitely acts like she has something to prove by being the bully. How about you just act like the bigger person who grew up and got over being picked on? How about you prove yourself by not being the bitch that high school tried to turn you into?

      I’m really looking forward to next week’s fight. I always hate the fighting, it’s not classy (and I hate that word, because these chicks overuse it so much). If things build and build and build and by the end of the season, you need to throw a punch, do it (that’s how it went down in Season 1 – one slap), but what’s with these chicks fighting in almost every episode, right from week one. Ridiculous. As I was saying, I hate the fights, but sometimes there just comes a point where even I’m like, just go for it.

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