Gov. R and the Women

(That was a play on Dr. T and the Women that probably fell way short, but, you can’t blame me for trying.)

So, I know I’ve dropped the ball pretty hardcore during this debate season so far, and I can’t believe I’ve missed the boat so badly. I mean, the jokes write themselves, I should be all over this. Unfortunately… I just… My jaw just drops and I don’t have anything to say. But after tonight’s debate, and all the thinly veiled (and even not-so-subtle) digs at women that came from Romney’s way out-of-touch mouth left me full of all the ranting.

These were the two that I particularly enjoyed. I don’t have his exact words, but this is what I heard:

  • Unmarried sluts breed gangsters  (complete non sequitur from gun control to single parents)
  • Employers need to be more flexible because women need to get home and cook dinner (missing the point on equal pay for equal work)

The flexibility comment is so dangerous because it just sets the precedent to continue with the unequal pay that is so rampant in this country. It is an unwritten rule with many employers that women will take time off for maternity leave, to stay home and raise kids, drop down to part time for family responsibilities, etc. Because of this, they consider women’s productiveness to be less than a man’s and use this to pay them a lower wage. 
This is one of the many reason a common interview “trick” is to not wear a wedding/engagement ring to the interview. Single women are seen as more reliable because there is no expectation of needing familial time off.
Of course, that’s antiquated too, since obviously not all mothers are married. However, by vocalizing it tonight, Romney only reinforced the fact that this belief still exists.  Saying that employers need to be flexible with WOMEN’S schedules, not PARENTS’ schedules, it plays right into the reason that women oftern earn less money.

That’s really all I have for you. I’m just too… ugh.


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