Campaign Season and Election Round-Up

I’ve been neglectful, I’m so sorry. Part of it is just lack of motivation, part of it is lack of anything new to say. I mean, how many times can I really complain about the weirdos across the country who have the most asinine ideas about rape? Oh, I should take a moment to defend my stance, because all the rape theories these guys have stem from abortion in the instance of rape: I’m not saying that rape should be anyone’s go-to. God knows there are women who someone found this exponentially amazing level of courage to give birth to a child, some who kept that child and some who went the adoption route – my cousin would never have met his wife otherwise – but it still needs to be out there for women who can’t deal with that. It has to. Otherwise, in certain states the rapist can sue for custody and visitation. Are you shitting me?

But my disgust goes even further than that, in the sense that all these men are using words like “legitimate” rape. First off, yes, we all know there are woman and girls who cry rape. I know one. I hate her for it. However, rape is rape. Yes, some rapes are significantly easier to define legally and prove in court. Yes, some guys may have raped without even knowing it.

Here’s my PSA to all guys out there, especially young men still in that partying stage of life, particularly if you’re into just having a good time with a girl you might not really know that well: If she doesn’t seem at all into it, there’s a pretty good chance she’s not just a shitty lay. Take a moment to consider that she might not want any part of you inside of her, and she’s too scared or uncomfortable to speak up. Consider that she feels violated right now, and her only way to cope is to clam up and lay there in silence, hiding somewhere inside her own head.


So, that out of the way. Who else is stoked for FOUR MORE YEARS! I was admittedly a bit nervous when they initially began announcing poll results and Romney was up 33-3 in Electoral votes. And then we won. And I got no sleep because I was up all night waiting for my President to speak – despite the fact that he emailed me some two hours prior to tell me he was on his way to go speak.

And then this happened:



Particularly disturbing to me is the fact that S didn’t even know what freedoms are covered under the First Amendment. Also the conversation continued after that, but it got into personal aspects about T’s life.

I know that I was guilty of the occasional Mormom joke against Romney, but honestly, that shouldn’t even be part of the equation. This country has no official religion. People of all faiths live here. People of no set faith live here. They all vote here. They all are protected by (again) the First Amendment from having a specific religion thrust upon them. While I’m sure all leaders form their laws based on their own beliefs, but they need to take into consideration that other faiths exist. The hate-fueled posts I saw all over Facebook were just disturbing.

Like this one:

Blind Faith

I would post the entire conversation I had with this S, but it’s easier for me to just paste all my replies here in one fell swoop (I was on my phone so I replied one sentence at a time, haha). First off, Obama did not denounce us as no longer being a Christian nation, as we are not a theocracy and therefore have no official religious affiliation. Ergo, there was nothing to denounce. Second, no one cancelled the Day of Prayer (which I had never even heard of before until people accused him of cancelling it). The only thing that Obama did was not have a giant prayer service on the White House lawn like Bush used to. Not only that, but since the day of prayer is for anyone of any faith, there’s no risk of offending anyone. Third, what is this vigil? Find me evidence of it. Obama has never held this alleged vigil.

As far as ethnic bias, sure, it might be out there, and I’m betting there are thousands, if not millions, of black people who did vote for Obama in both elections simply because of that, but on the flip side, shouldn’t more women have voted for McCain and Palin? Also, how does that explain the millions of Latinos who voted for Obama? They’re not black? Or will you say that just because they’re also a minority (which they’re not, actually) they sided with the other minority? How does this count for the millions of white people who support Obama? Also… what about the other white people who voted for Romney, just because he isn’t black? The reason Obama received a large black vote ties to socioeconomics. Sadly, not many black people are affluent enough to benefit from an econmony under Romney. Period.

On that note, I’m off to dinner. Perhaps when I return, I’ll watch the finale and Reunions for BGC and begrudgingly write about them.



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