Sandy Hook Elementary

I finally had an article ready for today, but it seems so irrelevant right now.

May whatever deity the parents believe in watch over their children, especially in this holiday season, as well as the parents

May the incorrectly identified Ryan Lanza – who’s FB page was shared all over the internet – recover from the personal affronts, if it is indeed the incorrect one and the status updates begging to be left alone were not part of the plot.

To the teachers who acted bravely, for instance the ones who pulled student into bathrooms and locked the doors, into closets, and the teacher who herded children out and told them there was a wild animal in the building that was making all the noise, cleverly keeping them intrigued instead of afraid, making them easier to calmly control… Thank you for your quick thinking.

From all of us at Ambrosia… stay strong. There are no words for this.


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