Or Just Delete Me Already!

Or just delete your ignorance.

When Barrack Obama won the last election I was elated.  Not just because the idea of Mitt Romney as our president made me physically ill but because at last the ridiculous garbage spewing would be over.  Oh boy, how I was wrong.  It just goes on and on and on.  On Facebook, on Twitter, in email chains, and at the conservative Christian high school where I teach.  ENOUGH!  I have had enough!  I posted the following rantus on Facebook:

I used to be able to say I liked politics, I no longer do. If you post uninformed ignorance about the president being the devil, or going to jail, or being the Manchurian candidate, or not American, or any of the other nonsense just please delete me. The election is over, can we at least have a couple of years of peace without all this rubbish. I can understand not liking Obama for his policies if you’re a conservative. I get that. Dislike him for the facts, not something Glenn Beck or some other pundit said or some internet chain you read. Please do a little research and inform yourself. Or delete me. Either is fine.

And then I commented because I forgot:

One more thing, the man is not an idiot. He has a degree…..from Columbia……and a law degree from Harvard….he graduated magna cum laude. Give him some credit. How many of you have done that?

And then I remembered again:

“Also, he is not going to come to to your house with the secret service, knock on the door, and take all of your guns. He doesn’t have that authority. He doesn’t even have the authority to legislate it by himself. He’s the president and this is a democracy. This is not a dictatorship.

I really do hope these idiots do delete me.  Or think before they post.


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I'm 31, or 29B if you will, living in a small college town in the Bible Belt. I'm sort of a hippie, a little bitter, love to cook and craft, love Boston Terriers, am in grad school and am a teacher at a private Christian high school. I have two dogs, who are my children. My life is ridiculous, absurd things always happen to me and hilarity usually ensues. View all posts by littlestabsathappiness

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