Second Amendmenters

I don’t have an official opinion on gun-control. I think it’s pretty obvious which way I lean, but I truly don’t have an official stance.  but I do have a few questions for all the “Second Amendmenters:”

1. How often are you shot at or had your house broken into? Regularly? Change your lifestyle. Never? Then stop. Also, criminals are more likely to be unarmed if they break in, simply because they would face a much higher charge if they were. Not only that, but most breakins occur when you’re not home. Criminals may be, well, criminals, but most aren’t stupid.

2. Those of you who share the meme about the Pearl High School shooting, about how we never heard about it because some teacher with a gun stopped the kid… Did you know that’s untrue? The kid killed his mother, went to school, killed two girls (one was his ex) and wounded seven other people, and then left the school. The principal followed him – with a Colt .45 auto – and stopped him as he was trying to drive away. So… the principal detained him, but he’d already done what he came to the school to do. The fact that the principal was armed had anything to do with it.

3. Those of you who feel like Sandy Hook or the Aurora inhumanity would have been prevented or reduced if others were armed… Really? In mass confusion, you expect everyone to just turn vigilante? How do I know who to fire on? How do I know this isn’t so well-planned that the guy next to me isn’t also a “bad guy?” Even the police won’t fire on a suspect without a perfectly clean shot, with absolute certainty on who the true “bad guy” is.

And finally, 4. Do you even know what the second amendment says? If you think you do, I ask you, What well-maintained and organized militia are you a part of? Because that is the only group that is guaranteed the right to bear arms, per the constitution.

That being said, if you own guns for hunting, target shooting, etc, or just collect them because of mechanics or beauty (the way some people correct knives and swords), and you don’t even care about the above, then rock on. I was pretty into the COP .357 Derringer for a little while. No desire to shoot it at someone, but definitely would have loved to take it to a range.

It frightens me the way people are responding to the smaller clip laws with “that’s not enough bullets.” Just what do you need this gun for that you need to quantify that? You know that if you do need to fire on this fictional burglar, you do have limits, right? You can’t peg him 12 times.


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2 responses to “Second Amendmenters

  • Tracy Goodwin

    Right on! Nice questions.
    It drove me crazy after Aurora hearing all those people blathering about how they could have taken him down if they were there with a gun. Yeah right of course they could take down a fully armored person in a dark theater with the sounds still blazing,people running and screaming everywhere and smoke. There would have been an even bigger mess if there was a shoot out between several people. Guns everywhere isn’t the solution.

    • Limasse

      Thank you! This isn’t the wild west. Many of the people who were shot (particularly the mother and daughter, you know, the one where everyone tried to victim-blame the mom for bringing her daughter to a midnight movie) weren’t even IN the theater where the Dark Knight Rises was playing, they were actually hit with shots that went through the wall. So great, now you want a bunch of guys to fire in the opposite direction, possibly miss, and hit more people on the other side of the other wall.
      Especially given that Holmes threw smoke grenades first. Yeah, sure, let’s get a bunch of wannabe personal security guards to open fire through blinding smoke.

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