Bad Girls Club Atlanta

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I missed the first episode… and I don’t care.

I don’t know if I can do this. Jessenia might have to take over this completely. Just got the cast list. Trying to figure out if these “women” are full of shit or not. Did anyone check ID? I feel like I’m watching Real Housewives. Chicks look old as hell. Keep partying, that’s why you all looking burned out in your 23 years.

So… my rundown for Season 10 of the Bad Girls Club: Atlanta. It’s a lot of tomboys or just manly girls in this house this time around. My mom accused me the other day of being macho, I’m gonna make her watch this shit.


Left to right Standing: Janae, Paula, Nicole, Shannon
Left to right Seated: Alicia, Stephanie, Valentina

Alicia Saaman, 24, Chicago, IL.  “Ms. Chi-Fly”
 This Bolingbrook, Il native goes by “Ms ChiFly” for her distinct style of rocking Jordans by day and pumps by night. Growing up with all brothers, Alicia quickly learned how to hold her own and claims that “she’s not mean, she’s honest.” She attributes her love of alcohol and shots to her Polish roots and is always the life of the party. The other bad girls better watch out, because Alicia is definitely a leader, not a follower.
She’s reminding me of Eryca from Vegas. Coincidental, I guess, she was from Atlanta. I don’t really have too much of an opinion on her yet.

Janae Bradford, 23, Houston, TX.  “The Houston Hellraiser”
A Creole country girl with a wild side, Janae prides herself on being a flirt and drinks her way across the Houston bar scene juggling both men and women. Her inner Xena Warrior princess appears with tenacity and rage anytime she finds herself out of the spotlight. Despite Janae’s tough exterior, this sensitive ‘bad girl’ will cry at the drop of a hat.
Hellraiser? She sounds like a damn mouse. Even when she’s not crying, her voice trembles. I mean, damn. Granted, yeah, I’m glad I don’t want to see all thse alpha dog screaming bitches all the time, but wow, this chick is really crying over everything. Out of fairness to her, I don’t think this is the place for her. It’s like the girl who came in with Camilla in Vegas (I don’t even remember her name), who realized on Day One that this was not what she wanted to do.

Nicole “Nicki” Vargas, 22, Fort Lee, NJ.  “The Jersey Joker”  
This sassy Jersey girl isn’t afraid of anyone and will always speak her mind. Nicole would rather be remembered as the funniest girl in the room than the prettiest. A self-described girly tomboy, she loves heavy metal shows and isn’t afraid to throw down in a mosh pit. Currently studying fashion merchandising and business management, Nicole’s ultimate goal is to own a fashion boutique.
So I’m reading her little bio and I’m thinking, I’m gonna like her. Then I watch this and I think, yo, she’s a man. She’s a man. Guys… she is seriously a man. She could be cute, almost a young Julia Roberts, until she opens her mouth. I guess she could be cool though.

Paula Hellens, 26, Chicago, IL.  “The Hell on Heels”  
Paula, a.k.a the “Hell on Heels,” is a gutsy Southern city ‘bad girl’ with a spitball mouth and feisty attitude. This petite bombshell attended Jackson State University where she not only became the first in her family to earn a college degree, but also developed a mean hair fetish. Paula currently works as a hairstylist and won’t hesitate to tell a random stranger their “Do” is whack. She admits she can’t control her words and is quick to take it to the next level. This hothead, hand clapping, neck rolling, party girl is ready for her next adventure.
I like her. This bio here makes her sound like a big bitch, but in the few minutes I’ve seen her, she seems cool.

Shannon Sarich, 26, Portland, OR  “The Buff Barbie”
With a bold and brassy attitude, Shannon laughs at the mere thought of any “Bad Girl” who dares to cross her. A true mastermind and manipulator, she likes to be taken care of with the finer things in life and has been gifted everything from a Mercedes Benz to diamond jewelry and plastic surgery. This “daddy’s girl” once drafted up a fake pay stub in order to get a new car and maintain her expensive life of luxury.
Um… plastic surgery? You’re 26. Lindsay Lohan! Holy shit. Doctor didn’t do enough, because you are not cute. And while I’m not some beauty queen and the last person to comment on someone’s looks, wow. You can still be beautiful even if not physically, but this bitch’s evil faces and ugly personality are not just no good. I can’t even… I got nothing. Look at her twisting her lips when she talks like a man. Alicia said it best, ‘You might have had your dick done.’ For real. She looks like she’s either 56 or a drag queen. Kunta Kinte? Holy fuck! And then to admit it was just the first thing that popped into your head – that makes it worse.

Stephanie George, 21, Harlem, NY  “The Harlem Heartbreaker”  
Dancing isn’t the only exotic thing about this half-black, half-El Salvadorian stripper who flaunts her looks around town. She is not afraid of jealous women and once had an angry female mob attack her with scissors. A manipulator at heart, Stephanie once scammed a frequent customer out of $10,000. Born in Elizabeth, NJ, this bi-sexual bombshell and former Catholic school girl is newly single and looking for trouble.
Okay… she’s cute. Not liking the idea that she’s a manipulator, but so far, I like her. Nine times out of ten, she strippers ends up being the funniest and nicest people.

Valentina Anyanwu, 22, Hyattsville, MD  “The Sexy Socialite”
After being teased as a child for her heavy Nigerian accent, Valentina developed a tough, “Bad Girl” attitude and hasn’t looked back since. A self-proclaimed “monster in competition,” Valentina’s rugby teammates call her “The Punisher” because of her aggressive field skills. She has grown accustomed to private jets and large cash gifts after only dating men who have power, status and lots of money. This know-it-all has no doubt that she will rule the house and is not afraid to bring out her vindictive side.
So far… Seems cool. It’s actually strange, because I keep trying to auditorily picture her with an accent. She reminds me of a girl I used to work with, and seems really sweet. Even when she gets mad she’s sweet.

FINAL THOUGHT:  I haven’t really formed any solid opinions (except on Shannon). I will sadly, continue to watch for as long as I can. I partially just want to be able to say I made it to 10 (Season 10 was the last good season of the Real World).


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