Bad Girls Club: Resignation Letter

This week, on the Bad Girls’Club…

Limasse leaves the house in a fit of rage.

No, seriously. I’m done. I sat down to watch these two episodes…and threw the remote across the room within the first ten minutes.

If it wasn’t expensive to replace, I would have thrown my laptop too.

Can’t do it. These are not Bad Girls. Just bad girls. I’m out. Packing my own shit up and leaving. It’s been real, but I’m not watching this shit anymore.

Okay… thing. On one hand, Stephanie cracked me up cussing Andre out. “You’re a groupie, bye,” BUT… did you tell him about your entire life and past? No. So why should he have to tell you he was on Love Games? He didn’t lie, he just hasn’t told you about his entire life.

Now I’m out. Deleting the episode from this week and going into my DVR list to stop recording episodes. It’s done.


About Melissa Limasse

| Real name - Yeah right | Location – The State of Being | Worth - $2,425,486 | Education – B.A. Sociology and Psychology, A.As. in Criminal Justice | Single, childless, and completely satisfied with both, Ms. Limasse doesn’t fit into the traditional “female” mold. Most people would say she’s intimidating. Anything that she says here she has most likely already said out loud View all posts by Melissa Limasse

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