I ♥ Daryl

On the eve of the premiere of Season 3 Part 2, I’m sitting here watching the Walking Dead marathon. My hair is barely brushed, I’m wearing pajama pants and my Daryl t-shirt (it just arrived today so I’m trying to break it from that packaged shape). What a glamorous life I lead. And I’m contemplating my love for Daryl Dixon.

Women of all varieties and all walks of life seem to be head over heels for Daryl. Not Rick, the doting husband and father (whom you would expect to be the ladies’ favorite), or Glen, the romantic. To throw it back (since I’m watching Season 2 right now), not T-dog the big teddy bear, not Shane, the bad-boy you expect to rip your clothes off and give you the what-for. Not Dale or Hershel, if you’re into older guys.

It’s always Daryl.

Part of it, in my opinion, is because he embodies all of the above qualities. You completely expect him to just come up behind you while you’re wiping zombie guts off your sword in the sink, grab you around your waist, place one hand between your shoulder blades and push, bend you over the counter, and… *shiver*

Um, I mean, you can picture him just putting it down on you like a boss (note: I never say shit like, “like a boss”), but you can also see him holding you in your time of need, rescuing you and all that. You know, holding you tight.  And then his obvious protective nature. He’s got every single possible quality that the other male characters possess, all wrapped up in one nice badass package. Oh, and he knows how to stay in the fucking house.

Oh, and this:


I dropped like twenty-six eggs when this happened.
And then I skipped a period.

Basically, he’s the embodiment of every female fantasy ever.

And then there’s that typical girl need to take care of a “damaged” guy. He’s got that whole brooding, I’m miserable, save me from myself, I just need someone to love me thing going on, and roughly about 96% of women are hard-wired to want to take care of wounded men. It’s kind of ridiculous, because I’m betting two-thirds of that number just get dragged down by a broken man’s lunacy, while the majority of the rest either get annoyed and leave, and a small number actually succeed in creating a more stable man and forging a strong bond.

I think the writers and creative team knew exactly what they were doing when they made up Daryl. They’ve seen how divided the country can be, all Team Edward vs. Team Jacob (I’m Team Emmett), and Team Sam vs. Team Dean (Sam, especially when possessed) and they didn’t want to see a Team Rick vs. Team Shane thing, so they were like, let’s unleash Daryl upon the world.

And Norman Reedus is playing the shit out of this performance. I mean, from the movies that I’ve seen, he does tend to play characters that are sort of quiet and shy, and I know I’ve seen him play just straight-up badasses, but the combo is really something spectacular. If he wasn’t already and established actor, I would call this his breakout role. He’s really pulling off Daryl’s character development, which is only making ovaries around the world work overtime.

Can’t wait until tomorrow!


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