The Zimmerman Verdict: Still Speechless

Between Limasse and myself, we’ve been struggling for awhile to come up with an appropriate response to all of this. Limasse has more legal background than I do, so she’s still furious at the prosecution’s terrible show, particularly how much evidence was not shown. I’ve seen the drafts here (I think there are 10) and they very quickly devolve into long rambling rants about incompetence.

I’m just still confused. The trial felt backwards. Martin seemed to be the one on trial, and I get it, defense was invoking that ridiculous Stand Your Ground nonsense. Defense put up their side, and prosecution poked holes all over the story. Zimmerman was clearly the initial aggressor.  This is why SYG is ridiculous. Person A is a threat to Person B, Person B ‘stands their ground’. Now Person A feels threatened and ‘stands their ground.’ Back and forth.

Robert Zimmerman, George’s sniveling, arrogant brother made the comment that Martin did not have a right to stand his ground. He said, “Trayvon had the right to go home.” Really guy? Isn’t that what he was trying to do?

I’ll leave the legalese post to Limasse, but for me, I’m just reacting emotionally. While I can admit that Zimmerman may have had a legitimate reason for the initial 911 call (there were recent break-ins by young black men), he definitely should have stayed in the damn car. What I did take issue with was the fact that he blatantly said he looked like he was up to something.

I think about my own kids. #3 always looks suspicious, mostly because he’s always daydreaming his ass off. He’ll be walking down the street, then he’ll just stop. Heaven forbid he’s talking on the phone, he just walks in a small circle like one leg is shorter than the other and he’s stuck… Given that Martin was on the phone and just strolling along minding his own (or, as Robert Z said, exercising his right to go home), he probably wasn’t in a hurry, he was just chillin’, but that made him look suspicious apparently.

It’s just too much.


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