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Bad Girls Club: Resignation Letter

This week, on the Bad Girls’Club…

Limasse leaves the house in a fit of rage.

No, seriously. I’m done. I sat down to watch these two episodes…and threw the remote across the room within the first ten minutes.

If it wasn’t expensive to replace, I would have thrown my laptop too.

Can’t do it. These are not Bad Girls. Just bad girls. I’m out. Packing my own shit up and leaving. It’s been real, but I’m not watching this shit anymore.

Okay… thing. On one hand, Stephanie cracked me up cussing Andre out. “You’re a groupie, bye,” BUT… did you tell him about your entire life and past? No. So why should he have to tell you he was on Love Games? He didn’t lie, he just hasn’t told you about his entire life.

Now I’m out. Deleting the episode from this week and going into my DVR list to stop recording episodes. It’s done.


Bad Girls Club Atlanta

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I missed the first episode… and I don’t care.

I don’t know if I can do this. Jessenia might have to take over this completely. Just got the cast list. Trying to figure out if these “women” are full of shit or not. Did anyone check ID? I feel like I’m watching Real Housewives. Chicks look old as hell. Keep partying, that’s why you all looking burned out in your 23 years.

So… my rundown for Season 10 of the Bad Girls Club: Atlanta. It’s a lot of tomboys or just manly girls in this house this time around. My mom accused me the other day of being macho, I’m gonna make her watch this shit.


Left to right Standing: Janae, Paula, Nicole, Shannon
Left to right Seated: Alicia, Stephanie, Valentina

Alicia Saaman, 24, Chicago, IL.  “Ms. Chi-Fly”
 This Bolingbrook, Il native goes by “Ms ChiFly” for her distinct style of rocking Jordans by day and pumps by night. Growing up with all brothers, Alicia quickly learned how to hold her own and claims that “she’s not mean, she’s honest.” She attributes her love of alcohol and shots to her Polish roots and is always the life of the party. The other bad girls better watch out, because Alicia is definitely a leader, not a follower.
She’s reminding me of Eryca from Vegas. Coincidental, I guess, she was from Atlanta. I don’t really have too much of an opinion on her yet.

Janae Bradford, 23, Houston, TX.  “The Houston Hellraiser”
A Creole country girl with a wild side, Janae prides herself on being a flirt and drinks her way across the Houston bar scene juggling both men and women. Her inner Xena Warrior princess appears with tenacity and rage anytime she finds herself out of the spotlight. Despite Janae’s tough exterior, this sensitive ‘bad girl’ will cry at the drop of a hat.
Hellraiser? She sounds like a damn mouse. Even when she’s not crying, her voice trembles. I mean, damn. Granted, yeah, I’m glad I don’t want to see all thse alpha dog screaming bitches all the time, but wow, this chick is really crying over everything. Out of fairness to her, I don’t think this is the place for her. It’s like the girl who came in with Camilla in Vegas (I don’t even remember her name), who realized on Day One that this was not what she wanted to do.

Nicole “Nicki” Vargas, 22, Fort Lee, NJ.  “The Jersey Joker”  
This sassy Jersey girl isn’t afraid of anyone and will always speak her mind. Nicole would rather be remembered as the funniest girl in the room than the prettiest. A self-described girly tomboy, she loves heavy metal shows and isn’t afraid to throw down in a mosh pit. Currently studying fashion merchandising and business management, Nicole’s ultimate goal is to own a fashion boutique.
So I’m reading her little bio and I’m thinking, I’m gonna like her. Then I watch this and I think, yo, she’s a man. She’s a man. Guys… she is seriously a man. She could be cute, almost a young Julia Roberts, until she opens her mouth. I guess she could be cool though.

Paula Hellens, 26, Chicago, IL.  “The Hell on Heels”  
Paula, a.k.a the “Hell on Heels,” is a gutsy Southern city ‘bad girl’ with a spitball mouth and feisty attitude. This petite bombshell attended Jackson State University where she not only became the first in her family to earn a college degree, but also developed a mean hair fetish. Paula currently works as a hairstylist and won’t hesitate to tell a random stranger their “Do” is whack. She admits she can’t control her words and is quick to take it to the next level. This hothead, hand clapping, neck rolling, party girl is ready for her next adventure.
I like her. This bio here makes her sound like a big bitch, but in the few minutes I’ve seen her, she seems cool.

Shannon Sarich, 26, Portland, OR  “The Buff Barbie”
With a bold and brassy attitude, Shannon laughs at the mere thought of any “Bad Girl” who dares to cross her. A true mastermind and manipulator, she likes to be taken care of with the finer things in life and has been gifted everything from a Mercedes Benz to diamond jewelry and plastic surgery. This “daddy’s girl” once drafted up a fake pay stub in order to get a new car and maintain her expensive life of luxury.
Um… plastic surgery? You’re 26. Lindsay Lohan! Holy shit. Doctor didn’t do enough, because you are not cute. And while I’m not some beauty queen and the last person to comment on someone’s looks, wow. You can still be beautiful even if not physically, but this bitch’s evil faces and ugly personality are not just no good. I can’t even… I got nothing. Look at her twisting her lips when she talks like a man. Alicia said it best, ‘You might have had your dick done.’ For real. She looks like she’s either 56 or a drag queen. Kunta Kinte? Holy fuck! And then to admit it was just the first thing that popped into your head – that makes it worse.

Stephanie George, 21, Harlem, NY  “The Harlem Heartbreaker”  
Dancing isn’t the only exotic thing about this half-black, half-El Salvadorian stripper who flaunts her looks around town. She is not afraid of jealous women and once had an angry female mob attack her with scissors. A manipulator at heart, Stephanie once scammed a frequent customer out of $10,000. Born in Elizabeth, NJ, this bi-sexual bombshell and former Catholic school girl is newly single and looking for trouble.
Okay… she’s cute. Not liking the idea that she’s a manipulator, but so far, I like her. Nine times out of ten, she strippers ends up being the funniest and nicest people.

Valentina Anyanwu, 22, Hyattsville, MD  “The Sexy Socialite”
After being teased as a child for her heavy Nigerian accent, Valentina developed a tough, “Bad Girl” attitude and hasn’t looked back since. A self-proclaimed “monster in competition,” Valentina’s rugby teammates call her “The Punisher” because of her aggressive field skills. She has grown accustomed to private jets and large cash gifts after only dating men who have power, status and lots of money. This know-it-all has no doubt that she will rule the house and is not afraid to bring out her vindictive side.
So far… Seems cool. It’s actually strange, because I keep trying to auditorily picture her with an accent. She reminds me of a girl I used to work with, and seems really sweet. Even when she gets mad she’s sweet.

FINAL THOUGHT:  I haven’t really formed any solid opinions (except on Shannon). I will sadly, continue to watch for as long as I can. I partially just want to be able to say I made it to 10 (Season 10 was the last good season of the Real World).

Bad Girls Club Mexico: The Reunion

Alright everyone, it’s that time. You guys, it took three months for this to happen. We’re watching Part 1, 2, and 3 of this reunion. Bam. Limasse and I will be co-writing this one, as we’re sitting down to watch it together, mostly because I dared her to. I don’t know how we’re going to split this up. I usually just watch this with my mouth hanging open like an idiot, she has the snarky comments, so it’s likely I’ll just be writing whatever she says. Anything in quotes is from her, and this will kind of read like a half-assed transcript of our conversation.

And… ready? Go:

“Uuuuggghhhhhh. Yeah, I forgot how much I hated her.” About Julie.

Rima apparently has grown up a little bit. So that’s a good thing, right? Christina and Andrea, not so much. “But I like Andrea.” You only like her because she reminds you of [her friend’s name]. “Yeah probably.”

I can’t wait to see them all together.

“Yikes! I forgot Erika had that nose piercing. It just looks scary on her.”

When did Erika and Mehgan become friends? Looks like they haven’t grown up either.

For the record, Limasse and I have some very different opinions on our favorites. I like Ashley. I hope she learned to stand up for herself and to not let someone else fight her fights for her, but I think she was the most genuine in the whole house. However, the most -MOST- genuine were definitely Zuly and Natasha (of course the new ones) that we both like. I personally think it’s I’m a lot like Zuly (with the exception of sexual preference and that cool accent), and she’s a bit like Natasha. In fact, when Natasha first showed up, I was like, oh shit, it’s Limasse!

This is going to be so awesome.

“I’m still jealous of Falen’s style. And still sad that she turned out to be so fake. I was really counting on her.”

If Mehgan wasn’t so annoying, all Whitley-wannabe (did I just date myself with that?), she really would be very beautiful. Shame.

When do the reunions take place? Haven’t the girls seen the Julie-Falen hookup? Why should it be a secret that Rima and Ashley didn’t know? I’m so confused.

I feel like we should have been following these bitches on Twitter all along.

Right now, we’re just kind of watching this in silence. And remembering Tanisha and what the BGC used to be.

Ever wonder what’s with all the guys in the crowd at these reunions? Dudes that got dragged by their girlfriends? Gay guys? Brothers of the cast? Guys who thought they’d hook up with the cast?

And see, see? Tanisha thinks Ashley is the most genuine. “I never said she wasn’t.”

“Okay, why is she wearing a bra? Oh Andrea, what are you doing?”

The thing about Andrea and Ashley, is that they’re actually really a lot alike. I wonder how much being on a show like this changes these girls. We know from some of them, it makes them think they’re a full-on celebrity. Was Andrea always this full of herself? “Was Ashley? Look at her audition tape and her first few days compared to now.” She learned to stand up for herself, that’s different.

I’m actually right with Limasse laughing at all these white chicks with weaves.

“Seriously though, Andrea is half the size of all those chicks. They’re not that great for whooping on her. Although… she is going a little too hard here.”

Is Rima pregnant?

I do think it’s sad that these chicks can watch footage of themselves acting like that and smile and clap. I just once want to see someone on these reunions and be like, you know what? I’m nothing like that person, if I could do things over I would.

I do see a little bit of Rima nipple. And I giggled like a twelve-year-old boy.

WHAT! Zuly! I just called this. Someone to sit there and say she wished she’d done it differently. Another reason why Zuly is top of our list.

Laughing that Mehgan and Tanisha nearly have the same weave.

Falen and Mehgan… wow. Falen looked kind of crazy, right?

“I still want to know what happened to Christina. No one has that kind of anger for no reason.”

Another example of the random ‘between commercial clips’ that are in direct conflict with what else is going on. Falen’s got shaving cream for Mehgan, and Mehgan just sits there and jokes along with her about her hairy legs, and lets Falen put the cream on her leg. That’s like the kind of thing friends joke about together. Same thing happened in one of the episodes, the whole house was fighting, but then the random commercial clip of them all playing tag or something.

Holy fuck! Falen too! Talking about how ridiculous everything is. “YES!” (Limasse jumped up off the couch just now) “I knew it, I knew she couldn’t really be all up in all this bullshit!” But she is getting loud right now, despite having just said she’s a woman and shouldn’t be getting loud.

Okay… Now Limasse just jumped up again and ran in the kitchen, screaming ‘Wooooo!’ (pretty sure she just woke up one of my kids) Can you guess why? If you guessed that Erika just jumped on Julie and began a 10 punch (if you every watched wrestling, you get it), you’re right. We both have a similar stance on the fighting, it’s not ladylike, but every so often there’s that one… there’s that one. We called each other up to celebrate the beatdown that the Twins got in Vegas (was it Vegas?), and if we weren’t already watching this together, we probably would have done the same. What’s funny, is that it seems the entire cast is okay with this, as they’re all just sitting there looking bored. Even Falen just left the scene, as opposed to trying to jump in and stop it the way Julie did when Mehgan attacked her.

Does that mean that even Falen hates Julie? Lord, I hope so.

Wait. When did Julie become a declared bisexual? Also, what’s this trend with the long pointy nails? I hate it.

Also, I’m not gay, but Zuly, all prettied up, something about her going ‘If I want it I get it,’ was really hot. These bitches talking about how it wasn’t good, especially Rima, but yet at the time they were like ‘get it!’  Rima likes this shit (nothing wrong with it if she does!) so she needs to stop talking about how much she doesn’t.

Mehgan! Mehgan coming in with the apologies. Oh my God, what’s going on tonight? Well… three months ago. I’ve never seen so many people come so straight. Not only that, but one of the loudest mouths.

Ha. Yes, on one hand Tanisha is correct. Only the BGC alumna truly know what it’s like in that house, but really, some of us deal with this on small doses every single day.

Mehgan again! Bringing up Julie talking about Falen being broke. I think Limasse pointed that out awhile back, right? I’m liking Mehgan a little more and more as the reunion goes on.

How great was the multiple beatdown Julie got? Karma. Honestly, karma. And Tanisha talking about not kicking a girl when she’s down… didn’t Julie do that through the whole show? Especially coming from a place where she always got mocked as a child and a teen? Now does she remember how that felt? She doesn’t regret anything, but it taught her things that she needs to change about herself? Then, that means you regret what you did, duh!

The strippers were not attractive.


Final Thoughts:  Tanisha is and always will be the ultimate Bad Girl. One of the few who took her time in the house to actually grow as a person. “All the rest of these other broads can shut up.” Can’t stop being so happy that Julie got it from everyone. Phrase of the night: ‘Confessional Gangstas’ Christina needs to patent that shit. Matter of fact, I’m going on urban dictionary right now. I’ll add the link when it’s approved. Next season, Limasse and I will share “reporting” duties. We’re also pretty sure the youngest age of the upcoming Atlanta cast is 30.

Bad Girls Club Mexico: Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ & Hate-Lanta

Okay… I’m saying it right now, I think I’m done with this show. Julie has ruined this show for me forever. I’ve never in my life seen such a nasty, evil bitch.

As far as the ganging up on Andrea and her subsequent departure… Don’t these chicks ever get tired of the herd mentality? It’s the most annoying thing ever. I don’t even have anything to say about it.

Then going to Atlanta? Okay, Erica? I have no problem with former seasons visiting the current season, but do it in a hey, welcome to the BGC Legacy kind of way. Don’t come in and start turning people against each other. Because she didn’t want to mix her dark and clear liquor? Really? Heaven forbid anyone comes in this house that’s in AA or something.

Julie and Falen and their unnecessary attack on Natasha. For fuck’s sake. Julie and her bullshit, being a Bad Girl isn’t about expressing your feelings. Is she fucking serious? No, being the loud angry nasty bitch is being a bad girl. Being a Bad Girl, being a fucking woman, is about knowing your damn self and being able to express yourself without screaming in someone else’s face and trying to out-bitch them.

In 9 seasons of this show, I have never despised someone as much as Julie. She’s a complete hypocrite and a total psychological study. She talks about being fat and being picked on, and now no one is a bigger bully than her.

I also love how Falen talks so much shit about Julie possibly hooking up with Zuly, yet she was the first one to take her to bed.

Oh. My. God. Julie. Honestly. You’re mad because Natasha asked you how many loads of laundry you have left?


I used to like this show. I really did. Like the Real World. But now the Real World is just drinking, fighting, and hooking up. Bad Girls Club is now just drinking and fighting.  I’ll finish this season because I can’t just stop (I tried; that’s why it’s taken me so long to to watch these two episodes), and I want to commit to watching the next season only because 10 seems like the right place to end (RW10 was the last Real World I watched) but we’ll see.

Bad Girls Club Mexico: The Tipping Point

If it weren’t for the fact that it seems everyone gangs up on my girl Andrea today, I probably would have skipped this one. But I like Andrea, and I’m going to have to bitch about it. For the most part though, I’m just going to watch and not have a whole lot to say.

Sooooo….what part of Andrea dancing in the DJ booth equates flirting with Ricky J? Also, she’s cheap? Isn’t she paying for her and Falen, and didn’t you get into this argument with Mehgan, when Mehgan was talking shit about Falen never paying? You’ve never called Falen cheap. Interesting.

This is really pathetic. I’m glad Ashley finally opened her mouth, but it’s not even her fight.

Also… people talk about how the Bad Girls Club is a game to win. So, wouldn’t NOT getting sent home be part of winning? So why throw the first punch? Duh. Of course she’s not going to swing first.

Definite low blow with the fat slut comment. Buuut by the same token, I’m pretty sure that’s everyone’s go-to. No one says anything original here. “Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!” Ugh. Even you Andrea, and you know you’re my favorite, nothing was original there.

I really don’t like Rima. Talking about your man back home, then you have that lame-ass DJ, now you’re playing Zuly?

All that ass Julie has, and she can’t move it for shit. What the hell was that little bullshit against the wall? She looked like she had to take a piss, or like her tampon was falling out.

So, all in all, this was pretty weak.  Why is it that the person who starts stuff is always the one to “get bored” of it first? But seriously… apologize to everyone? Guess we’ll see how next week’s rumble goes. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what Andrea did to Julie.

Final thought:   Why is Ashley always laying on the bar?

Bad Girls Club Mexico: Miserella

It’s gonna be brief today because this is pretty much the middle of my day. I’m not lounging in my underwear at two in the morning this time. Which actually makes it feel weird. I’ve never watched the Bad Girls Club while it was still daylight. I feel gross. I’m still begging for a complete overhaul next season. Please give these chicks a job.

Also… it’ll probably be random thoughts again.

So here’s something interesting: I think Mehgan looks better when she has no makeup on.
Julie, what the shit was that? You are not ghetto. “I wish a bitch would.” Oh hush.
Also… way to realize that you were part of the boring crew.

*Sigh* Let the hazing begin. On one hand, I get it, but on the other, no one hazed you!

Zuly is reminding me a little bit of Shakira. It entertains me how one side of her mouth moves more than the other.
Makes me laugh that the the “replacements” are the oldest in the group.

My eyes were away from the  screen, but I knew that whiny voice talking how she wasn’t going to turn gay was Mehgan. Making out with some chick does not make you gay.

Also… I just cracked up at the complete lack of censorship this time. It is completely obvious that Zuly just went down on Falen. Both of them are butt-naked, Falen is spread-eagle, and Zuly is sitting between her legs. Hello!

Does anyone really know what it means to have someone “call me out my name?” It means to have someone actually call you bitch. Like, Hey Bitch! Not, to accuse you of acting like a bitch. That is a simile about your behavior.  I would probably call you something else, going out to eat in those little-ass shorts.

Mehgan and the pink lipstick? You wanna talk about not being a child? Why are you wearing Barbie makeup? Don’t be mad that everyone else in the house can find a way to have fun except you. You mad bro? (I hate that phrase so much, but I can’t think of anything more fitting for her.)

So… not that I’m defending Mehgan by any means… but there is absolutely no rule that says you all have to be together all day everyday. It’s not like you were obligated to go to the beach. If Mehgan wanted to go and only invited a few people, then… she only needs to invite those few people, you know? What are you guys complaining about?

Way to be responsible about watching the time, ladies.

Also… So this is the second time Mehgan and Rima fought. The first time was weak, but this was actually a good take-down for Mehgan. Wow. Never in my life would I be on Mehgan’s side over Rima, but, if I keep watching Rima flip sides like this… sorry. Was a lame move Mehgan to pick that drink up. I mean, obviously you were gonna toss that in someone’s face. But Rima? Talking about someone’s legs being hairy? You know hair grows naturally on people’s bodies, so it’s not like it’s some personality flaw.

And yeah, Mehgan says something that brings her back to the bottom of my list. Talking about being ready to go. So, you treat people like shit over and over and nothing. Someone treats you like shit and you talk about leaving. Just like the twins from last season. I’ll say this much for her; at least she can actually hit. I also have to agree with her about Julie. Fake fake fake. She was so far up Mehgan’s ass and now to act like you’ve been against her from Day One. Too funny. Had to laugh to see her get thrown back by the producer.

I’ve decided that the security people here are the bravest on the planet. Even if you’re a big guy, two dudes in the middle of seven crazy broads… ugh.




Bad Girls Club Mexico: Mexican Meltdown & Stage Bite

After the two week break and the extra self-imposed week that I took, I feel like all these chicks are strangers to me. It’s weird. So Mehgan is already on my nerves. Mad because someone moved your stuff to your bed? Where did you leave it? If it was in the way and she moved it to your bed, I think that was pretty damn polite.

I’m already tired of this. Three weeks without them was so nice. I swear they stress me out in real life.

I can’t believe Ashley just peed in the ice bucket.

I still don’t like the way Falen co-signs with Mehgan and Julie, but I consistently appreciate the way she still manages to stand on her own. You think Julie would have gone out with Christina and Ashley and Andrea if Falen and Mehgan weren’t going? I just don’t like the fact that she just hates on Andrea for no reason, especially when I think Falen and Andrea would get along the best.

Julie and her dolphin rape. Much like not every man is a rapist, not every dolphin is out there just lurking in the shadows waiting for you. Not to mention, it’s not really rape: there’s no penetration. It’s similar to the way a dog humps someone’s leg. You’re not going to be dragged down into the depths of the ocean by by a gang of dolphins. They’re giving in to animal instincts.

I really can’t understand how Julie is accusing everyone else in the house of looking for attention, when she tries to be the center of attention constantly. For instance, the fact that you are the only one who ever refers to it as your house.

Mehgan… wanting to be sitting in on the fight with Andrea and her boyfriend… with three snaps in a Z formation? Ass-kisser. You can say you have a “newfound respect” for her, but you really just sat in hoping to see her cry.

I love – love – LOVE Falen’s vintage outfit for the night out. Looks amazing. Something I could picture a friend of mine wearing.

Julie… stop psychoanalyzing people. You’re projecting. The only one who has a negative opinion of herself is you. Christina drank for free all night and made some money, all she had to do was dance and grind up on the dude? Please. If any guy in that club came up to you, you’d be rubbing your ass all over him – for nothing!

Bah! Christina called her ex a German Nazi. I burst out laughing at that one. So random. I would love to know what happened to her in her life.

Love that Andrea was sound asleep during hide and seek. Also love that Mehgan actually looks like an old lady. HAHA! Also, when they show those little snippets during the commercial breaks like that, it just goes to show how much editing goes into making all the rivalries look so crazy. Because they were all clearly getting along during hide and seek.

Ugh… I hate the lie set-ups. Because you know who you’re making look stupid? Rima. Can’t wait for the reunion when Rima realizes how much Julie has played her. Julie lied to Erika with the intention of getting Rima out, but that backfired, now she’s lying to Rima to get Christina out. Idiot. By the way, Rima, it’s get revenge on Christina, not off.

Aw Christ. Why would Mehgan and Julie go to Andrea right now? How do they have the balls to come and pretend to care about someone? Julie took time to click to Mehgan? What? You were so far up her hooha by hour four.

How many times is Rima gonna get beat up this season?

Okay… so… is Rima going to realize that the entire house is playing her?

Wow… I’m actually impressed with their round two, they grappled like Olympic wrestlers in those first couple seconds. I’m a little grossed out by the chunk Rima took out of Christina’s leg. With her teeth. EW!

Christina… kind of sad to see you go. It’s rare that I like a bully, but something about her concerns me. Something happened to her to make her like this. I want to know what.

Rima, your man ia fucking scrub. What dude responds with “To be honest, I don’t really care.” when his girl calls, sounds awful, and talks about having just been in a fight. Ditch him. DITCH HIM!

Mehgan. Shut up. Shut up, just shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up. And in case I haven’t made my point clear; Shut up.

Julie. You can shut up too. Do you ever have fun? You didn’t want to swim with the dolphins because you thought you were going to get raped, you don’t want to dance.  The instructor is a douche because she kicked you out of her dance class? You mean the one where you just randomly stopped dancing in the middle of practicing and pouted in the corner? You’re an idiot. Don’t blame your size on your lack of wanting to have fun and enjoy life. Newsflash: thick, curvy girls can dance this type of hip-hop routine better. I’m thick too and I used to perform Nsync choreography at school dances (I may have just blown my last shred of anonymity with that one because everyone knew who I was from that). Besides, not to come down to her level, but Ashley is bigger than she is, and Ashley is just thick with no curves and she’s doing it.

However… Loving the fact that Julie and Mehgan are starting to grow apart. Don’t know what the Rudy Huxtable comment was about though.

I really don’t have a lot to say about this one. I’m loving watching Mehgan get taken down all these pegs. I feel bad for Julie dealing with her weight issues, but at the same time, it’s nice to see her unravel a little bit.

Again, let’s look at Ashley. She’s a ditz, she is the thickest one in the house, but she just lives. She just does her thing. Did you see her shake the shit out of it on that stage? Just for that, she may finish this season as a favorite.

Star Wars is for nerds though.

Again with the vintage look on Falen. I wish I had her style. I’m going to start dresing like her.

I honestly don’t even know what to do right now. The two girls I can’t stand are gonna feud? How do I choose a side?

Ooh. Next week’s episode looks great! Except for the hazing of the new girl, of course,.

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